Laughing Until I Almost Cried: Adventures in Hillbilly Dentistry

I know I’ve been gone a while and things are slowly repairing themselves in me. One way I know this is that I laughed so hard today when I haven’t laughed like that in days. And yeah days is all it takes to feel like I’m lost without the laughter. I need it like I need your warm smiles; it’s just part of the deal folks. I may not say I need it but I do.

And now, we get on to the subject of this post. You know that I think kids are awesome and they say and do the coolest and funniest things. Well this moment is also brought to you by my dad. He’s like the craziest funniest grandpa I know. Poor fella has been having an abscessed tooth and my daughter has a loose one on top in the front.

Well he starts telling her he wants to pull her tooth, he tells her he’s going to get pliers and take it out. She is telling him, “no oh no papa.” Well after a bit of time ribbing her trying to get her to say ok, he suggests she pull his bad tooth.

Ok, this is where it starts getting funny folks. My dad gets up and goes to the garage, getting a pair of pliers, his expression was dead serious. He keeps saying stuff to Beth about pulling his tooth for him. And he is so
serious. He hands her the pliers and opens his mouth up trying to show her where it is, all the while telling her not to get his tongue.

By this time I can hardly stand it, she’s trying to put the pliers in his mouth, he keeps trying to tell her where it is. She says to him, “That one papa?” And he says, “No this one back here.” I’m about to lose it right there. Her face was too serious and she really was looking in there ‘instrument’ in hand.

I had to follow my mom into the house so I could bust up laughing without Beth knowing about it. And I can tell you, as of late it’s been hard to find those things that make me laugh like that. So seeing as how it nearly
brought me to tears I was laughing so hard, it was good. I’ve been missing it lately, hence my thoughts about the virtual vacation and my need to find the light again.

Also, when I went back outside after I was laughing, my dad was talking about getting the flashlight so she could see so I went and got it for her. She still had that serious look about her, as her mind was working out how to get that tooth out of there. My dad had no actual intentions of letting a 6 year old perform dental surgery on him but it was funny that he was letting her give it a go.

I should be so happy right now for many reasons. In my place in the world things are slow but going well so far as I know. And the writing I have gotten done today alone is good. This time I am in a file that can be accessed and saved properly so it’s been saving. It’s so depressing working on something and making head way only to lose it all to file names and types that don’t mix well with Windows crap. But consolation is that I can start over again and see if that story gets its dues or not, after that I think I will take the advice of someone I know and let it go. Third time is not always a charm in the written world.

So did you have a good laugh at my little anecdote? If so leave me comments, I love comments. Hope you’re having a wonderful day and that you’ve found your sunshine. I’m building my way back to mine.


July 4, 2011



  1. I could almost picture a little girl doing that. I had a good laugh myself. I have one for you. When my baby sister was about 4 years old, my sister Mandy and my mom (and Erinne, my baby sister) were driving somewhere. Erinne was in the back seat, mom was driving, and Mandy was sitting in the front passenger seat. Well, mom and Mandy were talking, when they heard a “shhhhhhh…” from the back seat. Mom and Mandy kept talking when they heard another “shhhhh..” coming again from the back seat. Mom looked through the rear-view mirror and asked Erinne (Btw, its pronounced Erin) why she keeps “shhhhh’ing” her. Erinne looks at mom and says,” shhhhh, mom, my foot is falling asleep!”
    Its the things that children say that get us laughing…or even what they do.


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