Lord knows there is nothing more disgusting or disturbing to me than spiders. Guess what? I live in an old house that since it warmed up seems to be full of them!!!! I’ve already spent my first night mostly awake because of them. Being afraid of them is no laughing matter, so be quiet Sherm! Yes, my buddy Sherman thinks it’s funny that I’m so scared of spiders. Well I stepped on the head of one tonight and hope it didn’t bite me. If so, seeing as how I think it was a Brown Recluse I’m probably going to get very sick. I don’t think it did because I didn’t feel the sting of it so we’ll see. There was a definite creepy factor there though. It was good that Alezabeth was in the tub or she would have totally freaked out.

Again, Sherm, stop laughing. It’s a real phobia I promise dude! So living in this house with all these damn spiders has been mental ya know…it’s hard to find balance when you’re trying to back away from something and hit your hip on the wall behind you. LOL! And when you can’t find a shoe to smash it with, that also adds to the stress of ridding your world of them. Wish I was so Zen and could just capture them and release them outside but oh my gawd you guys!!! EWWWW! I think I would run if I had to voluntarily get that close to one. But you see, it never is voluntary… they’re always invading my freakin’ space!!! (Or maybe it’s me who’s invading theirs I’m not sure!) EWWW! Giving myself the creeps just thinking about it! Yuck!

And some of you suggested that I write a horror story about it, well the only way that will ever get done is if I get to smash as many of those MFs as possible! No guts no glory? Oh that’s not a good thought either! Hahahaha! Well I think I’m about done frightening myself I don’t know about you kiddies. But yeah I think I should go back out and come back in, in my allotted time frame and see what’s up with you guys, non-spider related of course!

Much Love


(Written July 12 2011)


2 thoughts on “Spiders

  1. hahaha! I know how you feel! That black widow I told you about a few weeks ago, well…she’s not dead. My daughter saw her yesterday. Going to have to “sweep” the house again with insecticide. Ugh! Take care. 🙂

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