One of the only things I can do today…

Yeah I think this is the only thing I can do today that won’t totally make me mad, seems like FB is totally messed up therefore no promoting today and that is something that makes me a bit on edge as I do love my promoting. I guess also that it means I really do need to get off the duff today and do some laundry as well.

And I guess there is no time like the present to itemize my list of daily things to do…so many things going on all at once that it’s confusing sometimes LOL! New companies I work for and wedding and life stuff tend to be too much to not have a bunch of lists lying around the house.

With edits starting soon on Legends, wedding stuff, work stuff and home stuff, where does any interaction fit in? Well it’s a busy world but it works. Schedules are our ‘friend’ so to speak, and soon I will have one again and that will help a lot with all the chaos! J

With this dream I had lingering in my head; I must also admit that I am not scared of dying or of the changes that life is bringing to me. The people on the outer fringes they need to get used to the fact that all of this life that I live will change and continue to do so. With all that has happened so far, and all that will happen in the future, they all had better get used to it, no longer the puppet…neither of us are and all had better deal with their angst over it.

I also think that smiling today has eluded me for other things. Today is not the day to mess with me or tell me anything I don’t want to hear. Being just a day, I know that tomorrow will be different but today with things as they sit, it’s not good…I have no water because the street department in this town is total BALLS!!! And they suck a big bunch of them!!! If they weren’t so stupid they would have fixed the pipe down the street the first time and would be able to stop digging up the street without warning! I go to take a freaking shower and have no water!!!! Not a happy camper at all!!!

So needless to say, this has not turned out to be a very good day! And in essence of this not so wonderful day I think I will go and be without water and pissed off in hopes that tomorrow will be better…

~J. Gunn


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