While I’m up…

It’s early and I’m sneezing this am. Goody…not only that but I burnt my first two fingers and my thumb on my left hand last night cooking dinner so this is a blast right now lemme tell ya…

Today is the day before school starts here in my neck of the woods. And I couldn’t be happier as are the children. My kids actually like school and want to go there to be with their friends. Which is fine by me! I want them to go hang out with their friends. Summers here are boring because I work all day and used to work into the night as well.

You all know the reason why I don’t anymore. And his name is Zach. He likes it when I spend the rest of my evenings with him talking to him about the days and him telling me about his days. We just chill when he gets home and I do dinner and ramble on about anything and everything that may have happened in the day. We laugh and the kids are running through here doing what they do.

My intended purpose wasn’t to tell you about how mundane our life is but to share with you all that is good and the goings on around here that make me feel like ‘wow.’ The other day a so-called friend of mine did something that hurt my feelings and made me angry all at the same time. At lunch I explained the situation to my hubby tearfully over the phone. When he got home I continued to explain it. After all that I went to bed because my current sinus issues are not good, I cried while I was in there and he heard it and came to me there and held me while I cried. He always does that when I cry. So life isn’t always as mundane as we think it is even when we would like nothing more than for it to be.

Well as I was saying earlier, tomorrow is the first day of school for the kiddos in this area and I will be out doing other things that day. I start my dress appointments for trying to find my Wedding dress. This should be interesting seeing as how this is a first for me because my other dress was a thrift store find I do believe if memory serves.  We all know how that worked out and so I want to go with a different approach this time.  But of course I want the entire thing to be different and more suited to us. I accidentally got the colors right! I picked his favorites. J
But I wanted to be different in my thinking all together this time seeing as how this will be the last time I will be entering into this state of being.

And yeah being known as someone’s wife after all this time will be strange, good thing he refers to me as that already so I have time to get used to it before hand.


I’m up early yet again as I couldn’t sleep I think I’m anxious about the kids going back to school today I want them to as much as they want to! They’ve been in my hair all summer! And also today I go to my first bridal appt at the dress place. Today is also the one month marker for me and the ‘hubby.’ So today is quite the day. I also think that no matter what I will make this day as good as possible because I love my family, lately there has been a lack of focus for me but I see all that beginning to change. And I want the change.

I do however think that some people who shall remain nameless need to remember that hubby is no longer single. They need to remember this and not forget this point. Ok I have said my piece on that and will leave it now.

But I do find that all of this and some other drama in life needs to vanish from my day today while it is supposed to be a happy day I do not want all that and the last week’s stuff compiling onto today. I just want to be and do all that this day is supposed to be comprised of as the happy little bride to be and mommy. So, here’s for hoping that this day will be a good one.

I hope the sun shines on you all and you are happy this day! Much love!

J. Gunn~


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