This Is an Impromptu Posting….

By that I mean I did plan it just not right now, think I slept to much today but all I want to do right now is sleep, so I’m trying to stay awake because dinner is not far off. And yes this post has a purpose.

And it is, I know a lot of you don’t live here in the small town I live in but if you did you might know about the tiny mellow drama going on. I have photos taken with cell phones to show you what’s going on. We (our town) has become the victim of taggers…for those of you who don’t know the term, it’s a thing people who have nothing better to do with their time do in order to destroy the property of others because they’re careless and rude. Spray painting things that don’t belong to you with rude things is just obscene to me.

Well our little tag artists’ have a pattern going on, they spray what looks like a brownish red paint on white surfaces. Buildings and car bumpers are what I have seen this on so far, and the tags range in language from ‘Bitch,’ ‘blood bitch,’ or just ‘Blood.’ And I’m not sure who it is but we never had this in our town until a few days prior to my mom getting the bumper on her car tagged.

Yesterday, the morning of the first day of school, someone I know on the city department told me about a few more places that came up after mom’s bumper, so there is definitely a pattern showing itself here. Our police are as usual useless so I guess it’s going to be up the citizenship of this little town to see if we can come across a suspect on our own or something.

And you know what’s bad, one of my thoughts was that maybe we got someone from the East Side of Joplin after the tornado…and I hate like hell to have thoughts like that in my head. But before all that we had no ‘tagger’ and we had no graffiti all showing a pattern to one conspirator. Yeah there isn’t anything to do here after dark that doesn’t mean that some Noob has to be rude to people and destroy property. They got real lucky that my mom knows not to take the true advice of the police around here who told her to use paint thinner on the back of her car. She took it to my uncle who is a car guy and he had some stuff that saved her car from a paint job because of some idiot’s thoughtlessness.

Oh something else, these ‘people’ don’t know how to spell very well so be on the look out for some dumb asses. Just thought I would let you local folks in on this and give you all a heads up. Hope you have a good night all!

~J. Gunn



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