This week in the life of me…

Well hello there folks, readers and writers and all other jovial constituents of the blog. It’s morning and I’m having your typical sneezing jag this am, wow that makes like 5 or 6 maybe more in a row there. Awesome. It’s 6 am and already the sinuses have begun their ‘awesome-ness’ so we have that stuff to deal with and no proper breathing again for me today. But that really is water under the bridge compared to the rest of life as of late.

As of late, life has been in full swing here in Casa de Jen. We like that we have things a certain way here, quiet and relaxing with minimal drama and angst for the most part. The only drama we have is tiny things with one another. I personally have to get used to living with a man in this house, been a while for me. And seeing as how I am all but perfect that is a challenge at times. But I just chalk that up to life and learning.

All in all it’s been so far so good typed. And I’m happy with the way our life is, simple but good. We both still have our aspirations in life and lots of time to fulfill them. And life wouldn’t be life without dreams. Writers, we have such imaginations and so our dreams may be simple and sometimes they may seem intricate and very different, but I think really some of us want the same thing as everyone else, home family love. For some people that’s easy and for some of us dysfunctional people it’s not. Life as a Writer? LOL! I think once everyone steps past that word ‘Perfection’ they begin to see there are more people out there who aren’t perfect by far and start to see that just because something may look one way, it can also be another.

Imperfect in my imperfections I always say, and yes there are other true statements but this life is ours for the making and taking. All too soon I will be entering into a bond I never thought I would ever do again after all these years but I am scared and happy at the same time. Life changes for the better and so we go with what it throws at us.

To be a Bride again after all these years is something I never thought I would ever even want to be honest with you. Freedom from bonds and all that they pertain to was and is something I will be giving up for the sake of the one I love. And sacrifices with this will be made and are in the making. It’s going to take time for me to get used to it but I’m sure that this bond will be a lasting one as I never intended to do this again and will not give up easy if things go wrong.

I can’t exactly say I gave up easy last time either but that was long ago and I’m much stronger now then I was back then. So handling all that it pertains to should be easier on my mind then back then. I never got used to being called some man’s wife. And although I had assumed that roll in life I still didn’t get what that really meant. As I suspect that he didn’t get what it meant to be a husband, instead it was not the way it should have been for either of us as we were too young and naïve to get it.

No longer am I naïve and no longer do I need someone else there to hold the strings for me as I do well holding them on my own but it’s nice to know that I do have someone here beside me in this life. So many things for us both to get used to, I don’t know if he ever knew what an honest woman was until now.

Also I got to say, I love him for his heart that is a lot like mine; bent and broken yet still an ocean’s depth and miles wide. He asked me the other day why I loved him and that is what I told him. He rattled off this list and that was all I could say. But you know, finding a person with even half the heart I have would have been something, finding the one with one as big as mine was something I thought was near impossible and I think some days I still spend in shock at all of this. But who wouldn’t be in shock at life changing in the short amount of time that both of our lives have? Last month around July the 4th none of this was this way and I was just me (kids included of course) now this thing is a full circle, LOL!

And yeah I love this life J

Well kids it’s time almost to begin this Wednesday. Don’t forget to visit the Hellfire Herald blog and looky and see what I been up to with my girl Savannah Rayne I know you’re gonna love it J and enjoy your day!



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