Labor Day Weekend 2011

This year a lot of things are different than they have been but not so much as they will be from now on. Usually I spend this weekend doing not a thing, talking to friends, you know, my usual. And then there’s the writing. I think these are usually some of the times I would spend the nights alone getting work done while the kids were either away or sleeping in their beds.

This year I’m far from alone as many of you know. But here I am still sober and telling you about this day. This day hasn’t been too bad if you want to call spending 4 hours in the ER with my 14-year old and his broken leg. And my dad came and got my daughter so we didn’t have to try and entertain her as well as be with him.

Yep then on to the drinking, well for some of us. I promise as I write this I’m in what’s left of my right mind that hasn’t left me years ago. Maybe later I won’t be but that is yet to be seen thus far and I’m still truckin’ itchy wrist and all. It itches something fierce, think I got into some poison ivy or something.

All that was Saturday evening and this is Labor Day itself and I’m sitting up with the children as the itchiness is about to steal what’s left of my sanity.  So whether I can afford it or not I think I may be seeing some sort of Dr. for this. No more messing with the fence row without gloves on of some kind. All I can think about is itching!!! So needless to say, you guys know what I’m doing today, playing the mind over matter game!

I hope everyone who celebrates this holiday has a good one and for those that don’t I hope you also have a good day.



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