Today, well yeah it was a day…

No, today wasn’t extraordinary in any way shape or form. For us here on my version of planet earth these days. Nothing massive or extremely important to report as there has only been minimum going on here besides me trying to get part time jobs as always and just being the silly girl you all know me to be. Been paying the bills and getting my thrills as always LOL!


I was talking to hubby about the stars and the dark this evening, how the dark doesn’t scare me and actually makes me feel a bit more comfortable at times. I don’t know if you all know this but I am the type to sit in silence and just breathe sometimes. I do have to admit that I do occasionally miss those silent times to contemplate. Other than that life is good and silly is this one right here.


As far as new projects go I think that this coming year might see some different things from me. Of course we’ll see the end of Legends coming soon, as I want to get the final two stories edited and sent in, but that’s not all you’ll see from me in the coming year. I’ve written another short story I want to share but I subbed it so I don’t know if I’m able to or not. If so, look for a little killer called ‘Your Blood.’


As far as publishing has gone this year though I do have to say I am a very blessed woman thus far. Since April came and went I am going to be published another two times by the end of the year through publishers. One of my short stories made it into an anthology and then Legends will come out in eBook form after that so it’s been a good year for my writing. *smiling*


Along with this girl getting married again after all these years as a single lady, this has been a very productive year. Also I think my musician hubby might have a few tricks up his musical sleeve as well and we’ll get into that as the details get hammered out. Of course I will be there the whole way supporting him and promoting all that is music. You may just see me write up a review or two for some local bands here in MO as well, ya never know.  Keep your eyes on the Word Emporium site for any and all info related to that.


Also just wanted to add here that I do work for a Literary Agent as well so if you’re seeking one let me know. Well I gotta run for now, good night y’all and hope your day/evening is good.




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