Whole lot of life…

Yep, you guessed it. Life she is a-happenin’ all around us. As the seasons change some parts of all of us do as well. We warm and cool I think with those changing seasons, it’s funny how that is but I really think that can happen to us. Right now I’m sitting here thinking about all the things that still could happen in life and will be wishing in a few months that I could see the sun.

I wrote a small-ish story yesterday from a picture a friend of mine gave, I guess life is full of challenges? We do things just to see if we can sometimes. And yet upon reflection today hasn’t been the greatest of days but still there are things to be learned from it. Nothing is as it seems and all things continually change around us.

It’s silent right now but lots of things happened that have my heart seeking the quiet all the more. Don’t mistake my vagueness for things not hurting me, just know that I never truly air all that is going on here in my little world only for the fact that professionalism beckons the rational mind.

Never mistake my rational mind for a cold one because there are many many times when I could tell the world all that hurts and all that angers I just choose not to approach it out there that way. But if I were to tell you some of the things that went on, it might make you sad and I never wish my readers to be that way. When you smile I do too.

Some news that might make you happy, I got yet another copy editor job. And here’s a quick review of a movie I just saw tonight. Yes, I liked the new Pirates movie it was good. LOL! And yeah toward the end of this evening all is calm. But not all is as it may seem and the waters are unpredictable. Be safe, have a good night and Happy Thanksgiving Canada!



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