Hello once again…

Hello folks how are you this cold day? Yep, it’s getting colder here in the land of Jen. October is turning for sure. And as many of you know, this Saturday was supposed to be my wedding day. We postponed it though because of finances. Can’t have a very nice wedding if everyone is naked and no one has a ring or the paper saying you can. LOL! No, I would never do that in public, unless I was lit up more than the biggest Christmas tree in NYC. Then maybe.

Anyway, it’s not the end of the world and helps tremendously with my stress levels so we’re good!

A lot lately I’ve been working on editing and agent stuff with and for authors. It’s been going well, today was a busy agent day and learning my copy editing from one of my cool boss ladies! Now on to menial tasks, I have always got a lot to do at home. The other day you all probably would have freaked at the idea of me baking. Um, yeah occasionally I do. I made some pumpkin bread and yes, no one died! Those of you that know me outside the box know that’s a big deal.

The winds have definitely changed here in Missouri and my quiet little town is not so quiet lately with all the gusty wind whipping through here. LOL! And we might see our first official frost tomorrow morning so I’m glad I brought my plant in, if only I knew how to light the pilot light on the heater…

Also I went to parent teacher conferences today, my baby is only having a little trouble with a few small things, but what can I expect, she’s not my son who is brilliant, she resembles me in school at her age. I had real bad handwriting and couldn’t spell for sh#% also I have always been a day dreamer and no I will not stop her from that one, just need to get her to slow down where she needs to and pay better attention when it’s time to. Other than that she’s good. Day dreaming can lead her to all sorts of paths though so I will never tell her to stop! Look at her mama, what would I be without it? I don’t know and that is scary to think about. LOL! And just think, I used to get in trouble for it all the time!!!

I will protect her right to dream though. As I would readily protect other peoples right to dream and I will always tell you all to dream big because you never know what could happen. It’s not every day we get to live our dreams but the lucky ones of us that do should cherish it!

Well folks you know I could go on for forever but I will go for now. I’m freezing!! Gotta go get warm! Love to you all!




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