From the desk of J. Gunn


How are all you fancy wonderful and all around jovial folks doing out there? I write to you today to inform all of you that don’t know, I’m not getting married and as a matter of fact, I am not with the person I was. And yes through that mess I see lessons to learn and wish to also inform you that the next guy who asks me to marry him better have his own shovel and grave dug because if I have to do it I will be mad as hell and no one wants to see that! Promise!

Just because some of us look good in wedding dresses, doesn’t mean we want to wear them ever again. So I’m solidified to the fact that I’m not that kind of girl anymore and whosoever tries that again will get in trouble with me. I’m okay now but, I want you all to know that it hasn’t been easy and it won’t be, to fully deal with things that some of you know and others of you will never know. At my age, I’ve spent a lot of time as a single mom and this is all a first for me.

Any and all bad, I didn’t ask for nor did I want. If those are your ill intentions keep them to yourself, I can and will always defend myself. This is no small lie but a huge truth. And these days words sometimes are ill taken and handled by me. I will get over it though. Just give me time. That’s all I ask of you all, patience please and thank you.

Believe you me, this is all a little weird and embarrassing for me. And any anger I feel is not for you even if you think I’m mad at you, I’m not. But I’m also not going to take the time to explain to everyone why I’m angry, just know that it’s not my intention to throw any of it at you if I do.

Thank you for understanding

Much love to you all!




  1. You can do it! Speaking out gives you the power you need to get through this. Focus on your children/child and give them the best life you can and create wonderful memories with them for the future. Everything has a magical way of falling into place. Best wishes.


    1. Well thank you darlin’ for coming in here and reading my little letter. I know that there is a lot of time ahead and I have two kiddos. My son is okay with the person in my life who hurt me being gone. My daughter however is still young enough to not completely get it. It will take time for her to understand. Right now I’m trying to get back to the person I was before he came. And our memories, the kids and mine, those are important you’re absolutely right. 🙂 Trying like you wouldn’t believe to just go forward and not look back too long.


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