Hope the Holiday Was Good…

Hello, I hope you’re all well and most of you Americans ate too much food the other day, LOL! I know I did! And for you non-American patrons and matrons out there I hope your Thursday was great also. It’s getting closer to Christmas and closer to my dreaded birthday.

I think I’m just trying to get used to the monotony that is my former life again. And no, I’m not sad. I’m actually doing okay with it and working through my recent issues all right, it’s just slow. I miss my Grammy a lot this time of year too as well as the other crap that some of you know had gone on a bit ago.

I want nothing more than to smile and laugh and not look at things with such a heavy heart. I want to go on and learn from my mistakes and use those musings to write wonderful tales of horror for you all. I want nothing more than to just be happy ranting away and writing while I do it.

Simple things used to make me the happiest and I want that again, so that is what I’m looking for this year.

My tree isn’t the biggest and nothing underneath will be fancy but it will be a time with my children and maybe there will be smiles and laughter like we didn’t just have the most horrid time a few months ago and life wasn’t horrible.

If we can make just a few more happy memories before this year ends, I will be happier than I have been in awhile. I don’t need much or want much, just my sunshine back and my silly way of seeing funny things even when you don’t or can’t.

And I want to see you all smile too. I’ve been hard pressed to even look lately but I want to see it. Much love to you all and if you get the chance to smile, just a little one, please do.




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