From the Desk of Jennifer Gunn, Author, Editor, and Associate Agent

Hello everyone, I’m here to tell you about something cool that the Lioness Authors are doing this year for Christmas. One, our lady Barbara Grovner informed me that she took her pile of Christmas cards that she was sending to friends and family, and sent them to Soldiers in a hospital in DC instead. And I just thought that was fantastic.


Two, the other new Author with us, Erik Ekstrom, has something really cool he’s offering this Christmas in the name of helping children. He told me to tell you guys that if you buy any one of the five books he wrote, that money goes to help the children at the Phoenix AZ Children’s Hospital, so not only are you being entertained by some good stories or gifting some, but you are also giving to children for Christmas.


Link to the Amazon page where you can find these books:


And truth be told, who doesn’t love being entertained and helping kids all at the same time? I know I do. Also one last little review type tidbit for you, I bought Pugs Visit to Santa and I thought it was very cute, and I will probably be reading it to Beth later today.


Well folks it’s that time again for me to get back to work and I wish you all a lovely day out there.




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