Merry Christmas Folks!

As the title suggests, Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you get all your heart desires and more. I feel that I have since my heart desires very little. Just to be loved and I have that so I’m doing well. We already had one night of food and family, and oh the presents! LOL! We always open them Christmas Eve because for years we always had a lot of family surrounding us. Mom’s sisters and families and our Grandma, it was tradition so long that even after our Grammy passed we still do it that way. And today I will be making breakfast for my children later in the morning. Then we wait and go to Mom’s for Christmas dinner.

That’s a fairly good run down of most Christmases for us. And during that time we eat, laugh, and just generally have a good time. We don’t normally slow down long enough to have a good conversation with anyone anymore, what with all the rushing around everyone does in this world these days. And as an adult, I feel that sometimes life warrants a little bit of slow, talkative time, where we all just catch up and laugh.

Unlike last year, my younger brother is with us, and we get to spend time with his boys too. So this year has been good. And yes I admit, looking a bit like a pale face this year but oh well, stuff happens. I don’t think it matters so much as the holiday being contrived of good things, for us it’s the time spent hanging out with the family just chilling out and laughing. Also eating all my Mom’s goodies, you may not know this but that woman is the best cook this side of Missouri. No you cannot come and find out, she would freak! LOL!

Anyway folks, yes I am Christian in my thoughts about Christmas as many of you know, to me this is Jesus’ day and I celebrate by trying to be in good spirits and share that with all my friends because Jesus is love. I know that some of you believe differently or don’t believe in it at all and that’s fine I would never judge you. I just hope that you have a good holiday and a nice time spent with those you love. No matter how or what you celebrate, that you do with love and joy in your heart.

Merry Christmas folks and a Happy Holiday Season, Happy New Year as well, be safe and happy!



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