Hello All…

Hello and welcome to those of you who are new here to the blog. A lot has been going on since my last post about Christmas. And I must say not all of it, much to my pained thoughts, has not been happy. But as this year starts off, I want you all to know that I would like to live out this year in a positive manner much like I always try to do.

With that said, I want to tell you also that this year started with me turning a year older and in full swing of things at both places I work. Got all my deadline stuff in and now I’m resting my little mind for a few.

That lasted a whole 2 seconds, and had a massive melt down this afternoon, wow guys, to think I could have lost everything. And I mean everything, as my entire career is internet based, wow…

Just glad it’s fixed and I did learn something more about the inner workings of a desk top computer today, so that being said, and kindle content loaded I am super tired and it’s only 9:15 pm and I want to go crash out because all that stuff has me worn out and my head is still on retard mode. And I just want to hide. So talk to you folks later.




Jennifer Oneal Gunn lives in the Midwest with the youngest of her two children. Her titles include Mystik Legends, Devil's in the Details- Reboot, Fire, Ice & Blood-The Story of Jake and Holly Book 1(Revenging the Evil Series),The Heart of a Woman (Poetry), Squishy Face and the Moon (Children’s) and some free reads on her website.

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