From the desk of Jennifer Gunn, Author, Editor, and (drum roll please!) Agent…The road so far, 2010-12 Re-cap:

Yep, you guessed it folks here to talk about another change in the life of this humble storyteller. From the time I came forth for those of you who weren’t in my company; i.e. connection, just yet, I will tell you, since this whole ‘getting my work out there’ business has begun it’s been quite the ride.

I went from asking questions about agents to having one a few months after then I wrote and learned and sucked in everything I could about this business, formed some great connections. I learned a lot about a lot of great folks as well. Also, I did a reading, managed to build a site around my writing, slowly building my reader base, and learned I love to blog and chat it up with you guys. Not only that I realized I love to promote! (Insert smiley face here LOL!) Discovered this when I began helping to promote a major recording artist after I fell in love with a new single from a new solo album he had out in 2010. (If y’all don’t know I’m not telling you 😉 ) Then I just began to promote any and everyone I could while trying to come across the new MS for Legends Second Coming.

That was 2010, okay, 2011, this was the year of the review and the year of the interview for me when it started, learned I love that stuff too thus adding to things I was learning to do. So after that I reviewed and interviewed a few (still doing that as you can see) friends helping to get some names out there, also with promoting etc., so after all that, I got the first copy editing position because after submitting to a newer small publishing house that I can say I love, I wanted to try my hand at it. Well I learned a lot there in the short period I did things for them enabling me to go on in that field and work for another publisher learning even more than I did at the first company.

While I was doing my first editing job I was also being taken into the promoting and literary agent side of this business as I had already tried my best to give new authors the best advice I could over my time in the network with them on FB. I have talked to many of you and offered a semi-sound mind, I hope. Writing for a long time just makes it easier to look at things you would see on the page vs. what you might not. And you know I love every minute of having given a piece of time to you all in hopes that it helps, at least a little bit hence my editor’s eye.

But you know as much as it hurts me eyes sometimes I love editing and getting to see the story look good because you all know that no writer is perfect. And I love helping that way, and for all intents and purposes, I must tell you, I’m not a perfect writer either but have learned so much in a short amount of time, it’s amazing.

And you know, life hasn’t been easy to end out the year 2011 with, not exactly, some of you know why, but some of you also know that we deal with things our own way, part of mine was to pour the stuff that was bothering me into my work and before you know it I was smiling again and focusing on it like the days of old. There are reasons that shall remain a mystery for some of the smiling, but as for work, things have gone and are going well. I made Primary Editor at one job in two months and now I am very proud to announce that I made partner in the PR company, so how could life have gotten any cooler almost 2 years into putting myself out there for the world to see? Did you know that Legends comes out in April? Well yeah, Hellfire Publishing will be releasing my baby April 13, 2012. My official two-year anniversary to being public with my writing, I guess that day I decided to have the courage to ask questions about this business paid off. (Shyness what? LOL!)

You guys, I’m still just as excited as I was that first day, if you can believe it, but now I get excited for others and that is awesome, seeing other people shine makes me smile. And yeah, that innocence is what it is, a smile, a laughter sounding, innocent and shiny as the sun that is inside us all. Happy, that would be another resounding word here as well, you guys it’s been one hell of a ride so far and I enjoy it all.

Tomorrow is yet another day at yet another time when life spurs us on to do what we do, Writer’s keep writing, and we behind the scenes with keep doing what we do. And I will keep doing all I can to support you and write when I am able. I have such high hopes for this year for all of us. And these thoughts that grace my mind at this late hour excite me. Well I better go this will be a million miles long and way to prolific if not, LOL! Way to go y’all and keep it up, moving forward!



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