Little Rainbows, The Path 2012…

Hello again folks good to see you in here reading the blog. It’s early in the am for me. 1:15am to be exact. But really who’s counting. Today was a great day and I’m just happy as some of you can probably tell, while I won’t say why, I will pose a question to you. Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are tiny rainbows on this road, this path of our lives? I have and I just wanted to accentuate that fact here today.


Maybe there are only huge amounts of light we can see when we’ve seen too many tiny rainbows in our way, gathering and chasing the rains inside us away. I hope that some day I can help others to see the light again too. That will be a very happy day. But until then I want to talk to you about the path and the light I’m beginning to see again, feels good I tell you.


My road and path thus far are getting better again. One fork in the road I have traded for jubilance once more and a loving heart worth sharing, sorry I was temporarily ‘gone.’ If I can help it, it will not happen again. That type of fork in the road to life doesn’t deserve our kindness or our spirit. I’m back to feeling like me and feeling far more alive then dying inside. It’s truly a crushing thing to love someone who kills your will while telling you that it’s you controlling them.


But no matter folks, that is all a dead little memory in the back of my head used as reference point in life as what not to do, and moving on. All these tiny rainbows I see, the ones I see when I walk on the path that is mine and mine alone, they are magical and mythical yet very real inside me. I wish you could see them, feel them, tiny bursts of light, soon to be filling me up hopefully.


I may be very stressed and working hard at this time but I have a goal in my path, which is to excel at all the avenues with which I am currently invested. But even as I do so, I’m happy at the same time so even on the days when little things bother me or I freak over pc issues there is always someone there to try and calm me, something new, tiny rainbows folks. But I will continue to work and stress in order to make a better place and life for those I love, then when headway is made I’ll breathe, I know you understand.


So please if you would all continue to bear with me and love me as I am; this silly crazy happy laughing lady, then you have me, and you know you do. And there will eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel inside me that will almost be blinding, instead of the sparks of tiny rainbows and the prisms they cast. No longer dark and longing, my heart is fulfilled truly and becoming more so by the day. The only thing I long for is the day when all the hard stuff ends and the easy things begin.


I’m okay doing this and learning more and more on the path to wherever it leads, doing what I must but life is life and I must live and breathe that as well. Time will go by as it does and fix what needs fixing and help us all heal. In our hearts we all will be well one day. And I want you to know that I’m proud to know you.





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