On the pursuit to happiness…

Yes thinking about this part of the journey, my true pursuit to happiness. Well so far, I’ve become what I now call Author, instead of just humble word princess like before. I went through a lot of transition like all the rest of you. I learned a lot and read a lot, but I learn fast thank you lord LOL! I think for years though my brain was being hard wired for stubbornness. After I let that go I started to see things a lot clearer and that helped.

My open mind revealed a lot to me and I was amazed. I’ve tried to use the gifts given to me in the best ways I can think of, to help as many as I can while I travel my path. And I say on this path, what a journey it’s been so far. I’m working on so many things at once because I see great things in the future. One thing I’ve learned here though is that sometimes this is a slow path so why not enjoy each other and create a fondness we will all never forget while we travel our way to where we want to go?

Right now I cannot see my world without you in it, all of you. And thank you for your help in helping find this current progression into this place I am currently. Without you all I can’t see myself here. I think we are all where we are supposed to be at any given moment. So with that, I want to see those smiles from you. Help me by being the true you. Inspire me to spur my way through yet another day as you always do. I wonder if you all realize you renew my spirit and make me smile all the time even if you don’t know how you do it.

I live right now on the path to pursuing things for others as well as myself, and in that path I am fulfilling wishes, hopes, and dreams of mine as well as others. I’m simply overtaken with the excitement it gives me to be helping with this. I think I get too excited it makes me hyper LOL!

I’m laughing too hard right now for coherent thoughts to properly process so I will just say, you guys are all part of my pursuit to happiness and I am enjoying it! Serious LMAO-ing at 6 A.M. Okay laughter has temporarily subsided, sigh, so back to my task here.

My pursuit to happiness includes so many things, and last few days have been some of the trials of life, being real as it is, and I can say that without talking about it all that I am doing okay in all areas so far as I know, although some things in my world are a mystery as of yet how they will fully go, I am fairly sure that there are a lot of good surprises still in store for me as well as others. And that thought makes me happy to no end.

Well from what I’ve been told, I guess I’m turning into a hell of a good editor and I’m doing my best to advise and agent my clients as is proper, and still I’m working to promote and help all those around me as I always have since I started in this written world, as well as take the time, yes I have my days and nights where I MAKE the time to create my written worlds. So there are many things left undone until a later date but they will be done and my happy times are still very much contingent on you. As I look into my looking glass I see you all awaiting the next thing that comes spilling out and I thank you for that. Also something I will always tell every good writer I know until the end of time, never say die, never give up or give in. I know it’s hard sometimes and I know it’s cold out there but keep going! If you don’t, then were you truly meant to do this? Because truth be told this is not all roses and candy. A true writer knows it’s pain sprinkled with star flakes once in awhile and handling those times in between makes you who you are. Through strength we shall conquer though, and you have to persevere. I hope that in some way I have helped in your not giving up, just because we do this doesn’t mean we can’t stick together as we do. And hey you guys won’t tell me to just throw it all away so I won’t let you quit on me either!

Ohh hey you guys, you know that light I’ve been looking for? I think I see some more it, there are jars of it sparkling on the sides of the path, so when you think it’s gone, remember that it’s not completely. And there are ways to regain what you think you lost. Trust me on that one, thought a lot of my light was lost and I was sinking into an abysmal dismay that would just lead to my dying of sorts but nope. I am not lost, but my heart still seeks to unleash that thing inside that is bursting to come out. Whatever it is it’s strong and wants nothing more than to just be out, freeing me completely. Let’s see if in these next two years we can free this wild abandon within shall we?

Well folks I think I’ve rambled on long enough about everything today LOL! So yep, let’s get on with all that makes us smile shall we, write, dance, love, laugh and be merry, it’s a long life filled with all sorts of goodies on this path to happiness, just the smallest things can make us happy you know. And some things are big, and they last a long time so look at it as all these tests being worth it. I do, because oh if I didn’t wow it would be so messed up LOL! I hope you enjoy the read this morning and have a great day folks on me!

Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness!

Theme of the day, find your Zen! 🙂



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