Legends Second Coming News



Legends News: I just sent in the MS for Legends Second Coming, I was nervous to let it go but I got over that and am on to the excited part now! Here is something for you to read, enjoy it!


Legends Second Coming-Synopsis

By J. Gunn

Legends Second Coming is the continuation of the lives of Jen and Morgan as they fight more than just one supernatural force, yet again. Stretched out over the missing years there have been more killings and more lives saved then the two women ever thought possible in one lifetime.

What few job opportunities flow their way, taking them around the world and into even more mischief than they ever bargained for. Russia and a whole new set of problems await them. Possessions and powers, passionate feeble attempts at saving lives more times than they can count lead them to a path that will not soon be forgotten by the entire gang. In a race against spirits, demons, and the devil; Jen, Morgan, and the Free Masons must end an attempt at war in Russia thus granting Lucifer the will to start Armageddon.

When Armageddon day is no longer threatening to fall upon the earth, assuming safety, the women go home, where they spend a few months with the son of Jen’s fallen love, Warren. While at home teaching and nurturing the boy, more than one nasty creature comes their way.

In an attempt at a new life away from Sioux Falls, the women take Warren III and move to a small remote place in England once belonging to Scottish kings of the family line of O’Connell. Warren III would grow up with Sir MacAfee and his grand-da Warren O’Connell I at his side, teaching him and learning from him as well.

Demons were everywhere but in the UK they were not recognizable like in the US, Jen and Morgan could see a demon by the glint of their eyes back home, but none would show themselves just yet, not until it was time for Lucifer to have his revenge on Jen for her actions in Russia.

In the final book of the Legends series, with Lucifer wanting his revenge so badly he formed a plot against the whole ‘Clan O’Connell’ including trying to kill the boy, what will happen and who has the power to try and bring him down?

©J. Gunn 2012


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