March 2012 From the Desk of Jennifer Gunn, Author Editor and Agent

March 1, 2012

Hey there folks! I just thought I would come in and say hello and give you guys the head’s up on some things on my calendar so far for March. Let’s see, it’s early yet so I’m sure my calendar will fill up as we move along, so far I have two cool things that my client is doing this month.


Erik Ekstrom has a couple signings the first one is this Sunday, March 4th at a McDonald’s in Tucson, AZ. Then he’s going to be signing books at the Tucson Festival of Books the following Sunday, March 11th. March the 5th, I will be appearing on the Hellfire Herald blog telling you all a story, short and sweet and not scary so tune into the facebook page for links to that. Also I think Erik with have an interview up on a friend’s blog and I will share that with you too.


I got A great review of one of my other client’s books sent to me that I posted up on the Lioness work page on FB as well so be sure to check that out, the lovely Barbara Grovner was reviewed by Canadian suspense author Joan Hall Hovey.


Also I have a story up Fridays on the Hellfire Herald blog that you don’t want to miss, The Damned- Blood and Sacrifice, now this one is scary folks I’m not gonna lie, might frighten you a bit. And I have some further Legends Second Coming news for you, I signed my contracts and sent them back early this am! Also I will be trying to get all my live- recorded interviews done this month while some people are on writer’s hiatus. So this should be fun! More info as I come across it, hmmm, March, swinging already!




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