Hello once again…evolution and the breaks in the ball, light and dark…

Well as you know none of us is perfect but today I wanted to write to you just because and look you in the virtual and tell you some things. I was looking at the old blog posts from the original ‘Jen’s Writers Blog’ thinking wow. Such an evolution since 2010!


I’m just excited and sometimes sad I guess, in a good way, I remember it well and it fascinates me as to how it took place so fast. From where I sit now it’s all feeling still uncertain like it was then but I have to say I’m still happy where I am. I know now that at times it’s not easy but in the end it will still be worth it, I write because it’s life. It’s what I live and breathe.


So since all that I have again done the evolution thing like I said, I’ve grown and learned, changed hopefully for the better yet again. As I sit contemplating things as I often do, ideas continue to formulate in mind for all that I do and all I want to do in the future.


And yes I do still believe that God guides me in all things, strengthens me when I need him the most, holds my hands when I’m weary, helps me to laugh when I need to. He heals me and gets my mind to focus on helping others like it should be. No matter what I believe or what you believe as far as this goes, it doesn’t stop me from spreading love to you and wishing you well as I always have.


You guys may not realize this but you are all just as important to me as you believe I am to you. And it’s not just as readers or fans of my work but as my friends. And yes I do still cherish knowing you all, thank you for it all.


One thing my dad always reminds me of is that if you feel bad about your life look at someone else, and when we do that we must decide, or at least I always do, that maybe we don’t have it worse after all. Today though I’m having one of those ‘Do What I Want’ Sundays, only working if I want and writing if I want, talked a lot with my son, love doing that. Fixin’ to go pilfer my food stocks see what kind of munchies I can find LOL!


See y’all later!




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