Through the Fire

Through the fire, in the ashes deep inside a phoenix rises flying high into the air, powerful and strong. No matter what happens keeping some people down is impossible. It’s not in some of our nature to just fall and stay there broken like glass. Things happen the way they’re meant to for a purpose, so that some of us are able to come to a realization within and so that some of us are there to see it.


There in that realization others see that’s proof the other isn’t indeed a fool. And that what’s there is something worth seeing through. I’ve seen my own lion’s share of heartbreak and meaningless evil done to me, I should never trust another soul on this earth but I do and sometimes with my whole heart. When I know sometimes I also shouldn’t but I do it anyway because what is a world without love in it? It’s not a world it’s an existence and sometimes not a very good one. I can’t change that for others but I can for me and so I try to.


Some things are complicated and not completely in our own control. When that’s the case we must gain it back by our own hand and live in the world of our choosing. Otherwise how are we ever going to be happy with life, I don’t see how we can be. I live this existence for several reasons, and a few are to help and teach, to love and be loved, to honor those who deserve it and trust them, helping at least one person to learn that not all of this big world is bad.


This week to be honest with you, my resolve has been tested a lot and I didn’t completely crack. I cracked just not all the way and it was repairable just takes a bit of time to get all the super glue to hold fully again and move on. On another issue I have yet to come to a complete resolve as things are up in the air still yet and I will handle it the best way possible now that my thought process isn’t off the deep end and I’m watching what others are doing to see what’s going on and gathering info before I take the issue to light completely. Yeah I know pretty evasive but for now it has to be. Later I will let you know when or if I can.


My list of people to watch grew this week, I’m not proud of that at all. I found out also that some people are pretty cool and glad I was allowed the opportunity to get closer to them, that moment was very cool and I hope that in the future our friendship grows closer still. (Y’all are awesome and you know who you are!)


And so I talk about the phoenix, something that gets burned yet perseveres all the same. I’m also going to reference my sign of Astrology here, the goat, stubborn, dedicated, hard working. Also thought of at times as being cold toward others but I tell you what, sometimes there’s a reason to it. Make me shy away and I definitely will to protect myself. But just so you know it’s not something I like doing which I’m sure those that know me know full well why.


So this is the beginning to another week for us all and guess what? I don’t want to spend it crying at all guys or angry let’s spend it getting things done and progressing in our paths be them literary or otherwise and try like hell not to stress each other out or hurt anybody’s feelings. And for those of you I’m watching who don’t know I’m watching, guess what, I’m still watching you so play nice.


Let’s persevere shall we??? Have a nice week!





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