Paths and changes in the wind…

I can’t tell you or begin to explain what’s really going on at present just know that there are many turns a road can take and with you all looking in on me seeing how this goes I want you to know that just because one path seemed right at the time doesn’t mean things don’t change and the changes are almost always for the better and we learn lessons as I’ve said before many times.


As you all who have followed me know, this has been a long path and parts of it have been hard, many stones thrown in an endless river, the current carrying them all away or sinking them to the bottom where they stayed solidifying things I didn’t want to see but was forced to. And in seeing those things I learned a lot about some things I didn’t want to see but now I’m glad I see things the way they really are. No more standing in the river looking down at the stones thrown in.


While I shake my long legs relinquishing the water from them I tell you it was good to go wading, but playtime is over now it’s down to business folks. The wind I feel as I return to the path while drying my feet in the grass and start walking the road again, I glance at the horizon and see it, the colors more vivid than I first saw them, clear and bright seamlessly taking presence in the place they belong.


I walk this path and its many forks and detours for a reason as do you walk your own path and visit with the parts of fate required to learn from your lessons and sometimes teach lessons to others, many call it life. I prefer to think of it as the journey we take while being allowed to breathe. And the winds of change have definitely graced my presence. And for that I am eternally grateful, the ones responsible for releasing them allowing them to hit me in the head and make me see things on another level, you’ve no idea what you’ve done for this soul. Much love to you both.


Winds are now whipping me along the chosen path I believe, one I had never thought was possible for me and it’s very freeing, my preconceived notions of how I thought some things were supposed to be done, no those are gone, and the open mind remains. This is a new day one that I’m proud to share with you all, and as the news unfolds I will definitely clue you in as to what exactly has changed and why I feel so freed, grinning from ear to ear today and nothing is going to take that from me.


Hope you all have a good day out there and follow the path you were meant to. Love to you all.





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