Today…still currently silent…

Yep sitting here in the silence for a bit longer so I thought I would shout out to my folks. How you doin’? Me, I’m okay just super sleepy right now and my fingertips kind of hurt but that’s okay too, a lot to do and I need ’em so no true complainin’ for me here. I’m currently sitting in my bed at about 630am.  And I am listening to the tunes just chillin’ for my mind needs the break. Earlier, by earlier I mean yesterday, midday, I had a headache that sucked so I had to stop working and just try to think and do something else. After the meds finally kicked in I started working instead of sleeping. Bad idea LOL! But oh well what can ya do, it is what it is, LOL! 😉

Well I’m also sitting here thinking about a lot of things. I’m thinking about loved ones and friends, life so far, lessons learned. Yeah all sorts of things pop into my head, relax you say? Are you kiddin’ me? LOL! I’m also sitting here thinking about things I wish I could help others with but can’t. There are some things we just cannot, and even though I accept this fact, I always wish there was something I could do, even if I don’t know what that something might be.

I must also say that I have been humbled and honored to know that there are those out there who care about me as much as they do. And the love of friends is a very big deal. Some things can also go on and not make me care about people any less. I still love the ones that love me, no matter what happens good or bad. (And it was an honor and privilege to have been with you, you know who you are and why I say this…or some of you do.)

And as I still sit here contemplating in the near waking hours, I am reminded of the chances others took and love them for that as well. I am and have been only ever the stolid learner, and can only do so much with my time in one day, or even a few. And as summer is around the corner I want to be duly prepared for the children, we all know it’s not easy when we were used to a little time to ourselves being bombarded my small people with nowhere to go and work calls, yep need to start trying to figure that one out early.

Many things have been piling in lately and I can’t say that I don’t enjoy my work, but I also enjoy breathing, eating, and sleeping so having lots of fun in all those arenas too. I may be at home but face it folks, I spend more time with you than I do anybody else LOL! And mostly I’m okay with that. But sometimes I need some ME time and soon I’m taking some so I might be able to get somewhat on top of things. And not to mention there is this one story that needs finished and turned in somewhere. Getting there just too slowly for my liking. And no I won’t go into lists of what I do every day, too long! So I’m thinking this hiatus taken early this year will be a good thing so if you don’t hear much from me the first two weeks of April don’t freak out okay. LOL!

I am not running away from anything or anyone and I’m not sad. I’m fine just need a little virtual vacation to get caught up a little and breathe, find some peace in my head, and maybe catch up on some sleep? I don’t about the last one but I’ll try. See you later folks!

HUGS and LOVE from me!





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