Hello everyone…Writing world and others folks too…

Yes strange title I know. Just coming in to say hello and yeah it’s the middle of the night again. I really wish my eyes would stop doing that weird thing they do when I need sleep so I would stop falling asleep at odd times and wake at odd times. It’s all very Vampire-esque and I don’t like it. I’m not really a fanged creature of the night no matter what people say LOL!

And it’s almost 4 am my time (Central Standard Time, US) and I’m here and present. As for all collected and calm, that is always a matter of opinion. I do however think that during these hours of late I am able to sit and reflect on the day or days and weeks prior to this new day, 2012 started off rough, and I’m ready for all the good stuff to start happening.

I also know that the negative vibes that have so far carried into the year are not good things and I wish to change it, I’m willing are you all? I want nothing more than to live the peaceful existence I am striving toward. And I know you all have also been up to a lot and there is also a lot more to get up to before this year is at an end for any of us. I am hoping every day that only good things come to you and that even though life has plenty of pain, we see our way through it.

And here is a bit of news, I’m posting this to let you know that I’m going on my virtual vacation early this year. Meaning I won’t be on as much and I will be off writing and working on getting organized for the coming months and of course blogging and being in places I haven’t online before, probably do some other site experimenting, who knows what all I might get up to and what all will be new when I return. I will be monitoring my pages for messages so no worries about getting me if ya need me. But I will be off doing what I do majority of the time. And maybe I will come back having another writing finished, I’m hoping. Was hoping to come across the rest of it and today I just might have. And I’m excited to tell you that, finally. My alter ego only works when she wants to, LOL!

Well off to do some work now for a freelance thing I got going have fun out there and remember, if I can try to still see the light, so can you. Be back soon.



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