Memorial Day…

Today is Memorial Day, a day of remembrance and a day when we just plain have to look at the perspective of ‘Hey we’re still kicking and breathing.’ It’s a day we celebrate life as well as those we miss, a day to give our thanks to those who fought for us to be able to talk to you now in any way we wish. (For me, it would be of kindness but not all do, and we must accept that.)


This is a day we thank and miss the fallen soldiers. I personally would like to thank all of them all over the world who fight for freedom. I have a very dear friend who is off in Kuwait right now, and I pray he gets to come back safely to his wife and kids, as well as his mother and his brother and the rest of us. I know that a lot of us out there wish the same thing for our husbands, brothers, and fathers (same goes with the ladies in the military.)


I also take this time to remember my family members who are no longer with me those souls I miss dearly. I sit here and think of them and also not only do I miss them but I reminisce about the times we had, and just remember how I do still love them. But I also think about the time I still have left here on earth. And I know they wouldn’t want me sitting around worrying about them, it’s time to live our lives and strive for a little happiness as well.


Freedom, something we all fight for and believe is slowly being taken from us, if it truly was would we all be sitting here now reading this post? Or would I be writing it? Ponder that on days like today. No sensational media stories or even the stupid ones as of late can tell us what the truth is, we must just carry on as we have, trying our best to do what we must do. I know it seems contrive at times and depressing to some but small footholds into reality are about all we ever had and a tiny ladder slowly climbing upward out of a foxhole with bombs always going off in the distance, isn’t that just life? A version of reality we all see and deal with? So let’s do this, let’s deal, and go on as we always have trying to make it better all the time.


The journey can be long and fraught with perils but those perils can be our saving grace at times and our lessons. We’re alive and at this juncture we are free. Take nothing for granted. Live in peace and remember all those who made it possible for us to think about living our dreams big or small. Hugs to everybody and have a good day remembering.





  1. Thanks for that Jen! In my family we have so many military men and women. We’ve lost a few in the Vietnam war and Desert Storm. I have members who have fought in WW2 as well and one member who is being deployed in just a few days. Thanks for the wonderful words honoring these brave men and women.


    1. Always! I try to honor all people who are in the honorable work of doing our country and others a service such as those. They took on the task that so many were scared to do, they deserve our utmost respect! 🙂


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