The Winds of Change Part 3…


The Winds of Change…

On bent knees, we seek the dirt, lain onto the path. We see it, the broken earth at our feet…dusty…flying in the wind and carried over the lands, spread out. Sometimes this earth lands upon the terrain and sits there for a time just being the crackles of ground other times it flies over miles and lands in the place it was meant to be.

Much like the human, we reach a certain place and stay for a while then move on to different places…

What is really out there? How can we know if we don’t fly? If we never soar above all that is underneath us, having lain there long enough to learn our fill, then what are we?


This is all something I was contemplating earlier today…these winds of change as they sweep through us all and over us, changing us and who we are, what we do…


For me the winds of change directly sweep us along our path on the journey of life. As we learn and grow we also find that we are in constant movement while learning…


Sometimes it’s toward people or away from them and either way there is a reason for it. Today I’m learning the validities of this action. The more I learn about my world the more I know it’s necessary. The more this day goes on, and life does what it does, I know deep in my soul that some choices that are made for the caring of others are also for a reason too. And I am currently forcing myself to learn things others should have already been able to tell me months ago, terms and things that should have been in my head and being used to implement things more proficiently already. I am gaining knowledge I should have had but no matter how or why I’m learning, fact is I’m learning and the more I learn the more I KNOW what I did was right.


It was time. Too bad it took others to make me see it. But I’m here now at this point and for good reason, with or without the support of those who care for me, I did what I did to protect dear people. And to make an honest way in the world, something that some know about and regrettably others do not. Whichever way it happened, I’m glad I’m out here with you all and the winds are blowing strong and fierce toward something great. More learning ahead and more work too but I’m game.


This once small, tiny scared little person is here with you now…still looking for that big thing, that sunshine it’s been so very hard to find this year in the times of savage darkness. Things in my heart that were broken are healing and sights are highly set to get to where I want to go. It’s time to move forward and not look back at the past with sadness but a bunch of lessons learned and take the situations of the past and call them what they are, the past and we can’t change them. As one of my friends says, ‘It is what it is.’ And that’s my cue to move forward now ya know?


Still looking out the door of my tunnel and thinking about the light I see on the open end of it. I want that so badly I can taste it. How about those stars at night and the sunshine in the daytime? I want that too. I want to teach my babies what it means to truly have nothing but make the most of it, to teach them what it’s like to deal with the bad end and still work it out where you get out alive and above the darkness. Even if it’s just to the place where the light you haven’t seen in so long hurts your eyes at first, at least you’re at a place to begin again and that’s something.


So I’m going to do what I do, be strong and go on with living. As much as the changes hurt sometimes we must go on and deal. It’s been a rough time with things, as some of you know. And some of you know how I believe, so the suffering of some has come to an end and the new begins today. Right now! So let’s do this, get ready to clear that path and go for it! I’m ready for the new stuff and the old stuff is going bye-bye!!!


Winds of change blow me all over the place because you know I can’t sit still! Bring the road and the path to me; let me see where you want me to be! Then take me there without regret and with passion. Make it happy journey again as we all learn from our mistakes and find a little peace along the way too.




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