Surrealist Thoughts:

Hey guys this is a ‘just because’ post, most of you know I occasionally do that. Well, this late hour has me up contemplating a lot. And no, my view isn’t the only one there is but hell, why not just spill occasionally without recourse.


Well, just so you know, still looking for what it is I seek to find in this world…some of you know what that is and some of you don’t, a live a peace in my heart and love that fills my soul. I guess that road being such a rocky one I trudge on. Right now, I just want silence, so that I might figure out what’s next. I don’t wish to be bothered with all the nicety stuff. That’s all fine and well and good but really, it’s not real.


In the world of texting, dating sites, facebook, and other crazy techno stuff it’s hard to not get caught up in a diatribe of things all at once. I personally stake nothing in dating sites but I do believe in communication. In all forms at least there are occasionally some people out there willing to tell the truth. I have met many of my friends that way.


Along my path I’ve met many interesting people on this road and in the industry I’m in. Being a creative is something we grow up with, I think we sometimes don’t know exactly what is and why we’re different. It took me a long time to figure it out. Only because I was so far different than all the people I ever knew at the time. I know now, there’s nothing wrong with me that a good old tale of intrigue can’t fix, or possible mysterious murder gone strange, a scene of rapid decent toward death or a bloody screaming victim’s wailing can’t cure. I write because I love to write, it’s imbibed in me. And sometimes we struggle for our art. I know this all too well.


This summer into the beginnings of the fall have been hard times for me, seems like when things are about to start going right for a change it just does the opposite on the turn of a dime from the pocket of a homeless madman on the corner. (I often wonder if that homeless madman laughs as he spins his coin.)


So, yes, rocky path on a hard journey this year. I still hope it gets better rather than keep just sucking. Hope…tiny word, endless possibilities just not for me. Life has been real fun lately folks. I’ve done my walk through self-pity and hatred, I’ve done the trying to go on, I’ve done the being strong and trying to ride things out. To be honest I’m just really super tired of life right now I guess and want to sit a few things out and work on my work and concentrate on my kids and that’s it. Unlike other people though, if you’re my friend then you’re my friend and I don’t throw them overboard even when I’m feeling out of it. So enjoy the ride or not, if you’re here, it’s for a reason. Unlike most ‘grown’ folks I have no intentions of forging things with people just to be rid of them when they are no longer useful.




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