Devil’s in the Details

Hey guys, how is my band of merry readers doing? I’m okay I supposed. I’ve been off on a writing binge. I’ve made a couple of appearances on some of my Hellfire friend’s blogs, which for that I must say thank you! Since the release of Devil’s it’s been crazy around here as always. Halloween was silly, loved dressing up this year. That was cool. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It had been a little while. So, 80’s Rocker Chick it was! LOL!


Anyhow, I know you guys watch so I posted a few pictures of me and my little girl, hope you enjoyed those. So now it’s November and we’ve celebrated Vets and what they do for this country and the election. You’ll be surprised. I didn’t vote. And it still went the way I wanted it to. Flip a coin I say, but I did get what I wanted. I’m a woman who didn’t want her rights taken away, and it didn’t happen. So, I’m good there.


Up next is NOT Christmas! Thanksgiving, one day we get to eat like Piggies and pay for it in the morning LOL! You can’t tell me you don’t smell turkey and pies just from the suggestion of them. Well I’m not thinking about food right now, I’m thinking about being thankful. Everyone has seen those posts about days to be thankful for such and such…I was wondering something, and I saw this, are we not supposed to be thankful all year ‘round for being alive? This has been the year from Hell for a lot of us, and some are still going through some bad stuff, I say be thankful you’re still breathing, some haven’t been so lucky. I know I feel damn lucky right now simply because I have a roof, clothes, food, all that stuff we take for granted because some of our Eastern coastal friends may not. (That’s right, I haven’t forgotten them.)


Well like I better go before my computer tries to crash again, see you guys later!





Oh here is a link to Devil’s in the Details, which was what this post was supposed to end up about!


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