Christmas Promo Post #1

Hello folks, yes, Christmas is nearing, and what do we do for Christmas? We buy things. Of course we do. Yes, my nefarious purpose is to get you to buy more, LOL!

This year I decided to do things a little differently than the ones before it. I decided to get a little more organized about it. And since FB likes to tell us all we’re spamming ourselves lately I thought I would also do it this way.

I think what’s going to happen is, I’m going to gather a bunch of you who write in the same genre, gather your links here in a post and talk to the good folks about what you all are offering with your work.

I know it’s not much but, hey, thought I would give it a try anyway, for the sake of I guess getting into the spirit of things. If I do anything for musicians this year it will also be its own posting just for the music.

The first genre I’m going to do is by far my favorite, why you might ask? Because I write in it as well as read it all the time.

Close to and around Halloween there was an anthology put out by me, but there were also a few things by some of the other writers I know, before and after that time. I would like to get to them now so you all can see them. (Some of these were done in year’s past as well. The companies will still appreciate your business, as you may not have seen them last year. And I thank you for taking a look.)

Hellfire Publishing: A place to get an array of scary stuff! They actually have more than just for the gore-lovin’ zombie hatin’ killer in you…they have some romance, and they have a children’s book on their docket of works as well.

Direct buy link to Sleep Stalker by Patrick Royal

Kindle edition: Undeserved Gifts by Brett Williams:

Also, From Murky Depths by Brett Williams:

John Claude Smith’s Author page has a few good reads there for the Horror fan in the family:

Okay, and yes I’m plugging my stuff here too because I can’t honestly think of any more Horror/Dark Fantasy folks at the moment who I can name with something out the door for you to see and or purchase, may need to make small note to self * update post later, when your brain works! *

Here’s my author page where everything is neat and tidy for you:

Anyway, yes, there will be more posts with more companies and authors to go check out very soon! Merry Christmas early!


Quick update to this post! How could I forget about Evil Jester Press!! Not cool I say!!! 


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