Christmas Post #3 Romance

Well again I come to you with Christmas Merriment on my mind. This time I bring you Romance and other such things that go with the genre.


As many of you know, this genre is close to my heart because once upon a time there was a little editor named Jen, who edited books for a little company she is still fond of and wishes to see them go very far indeed.


Since then, I’ve also run across a few good authors as well. Thought I would take the time to give them some space here with you guys hope you enjoy!


Naughty Nights Press


Rebel Ink Press


Vamptasy Publishing


Jaidis Shaw Author Page


DeAnna Felthauser Author Page


Again, yeah, HP has a little bit of everything! So don’t count them out! 🙂


Well for now I think we have it, next post I’m thinking most other writing, like everybody I can think of that has something out, then Poets.


Until then, friends, please enjoy and Merry Holidays (whichever ones you support and celebrate!)




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