Writer’s Thoughts Dec 2012



I know this may sound like psycho babble at the moment, but I wanted to write it, although my mind isn’t always quiet right when I’m ill, which I have been as of last few days. The picture I wish to post with this writing is one I found quite interesting. It depicts the two sides (in my opinion) of what we see. Sometimes we see the barren wasteland but long for the green and the ocean beyond.


Some might say it’s a writer’s thoughts. Desolate yet we seek the full color, the vivid emotional blues and greens. I think sometimes we see it both ways, dead and gone, yet full of life. It to me represents the bipolar-isms of the human mind. Sometimes we see things fully, yet are only able to eek out that with which is dry, having no true bearing on what we see. Either way it goes, it sometimes comes out of our mind not in the way of our choosing.


I thought this image was fitting because sometimes we wish we’d see more than just the dead things or sometimes we wish we were able to describe the ocean even though (this may surprise you) some of us have never seen it. More often we are given to the thoughts, we try as we might to see the things in our heads, visualize them so that others see what we see. Sometimes it’s not so easy. For some, the words do flow, for others it takes time to get to the place that breaks open to the ocean of words.


My focus over the years is normally not what it has been lately, while others had that I would just write when I was able and when the thoughts came, but right now, I do believe there is a beast living inside my head that tells me what I must do. Shortly I chose to give the beast back to whomever it belongs to. And then to go back to doing what it was I did before. But not before delivering a couple things to those who might enjoy them.


Time I fear is growing short, as I will probably go back to finishing an old project after I finish my work on a couple new ones. I’ve written the first draft of a novel in the short span of a month and a half, also I began working on another with which I will if time allows me, be finishing this month. While I’ve had the flu the last few days (or whatever horrid sickness that befalls me) I’ve chosen to not write but think of a few twists that may come to be of use a bit later in the plot to keep things interesting. As of right now, I’ve hit a spot of pleasantness among the group, we can’t have too much of that for then we wouldn’t have such an interesting book, now would we? I would think not. So, as I ramble on, know that I’m thinking as in my ill mind of turns that might spur other things so as to keep on guessing.


The picture, the one in this post, I liked as soon as I saw it, for it was this that kept me thinking of writer’s oxymoronic diatribe. How we think, how we feel, sometimes how thoughts can get lost among more thoughts. How words can sometimes be thought one way and come out another. How vexing it can be when all we wanted to do was capture the beauty of something and yet here it can be, described as something altogether different. It’s that way sometimes with the creative mind I guess, when in there, sometimes out here it translates otherwise. Just remember, sometimes I ramble when I’m ill and I’m addle-brained at best.


I can tell you this, the new project I’m working on shows great promise. And at 41k so far on the second book, I can’t complain. A truer form of therapy at the cost of nearly nothing but sanity, how can you beat that? LOL!


Well I have to go out and rest again. I’ve brought enough mischief your way for the time being and hopefully sometime in the coming year I can show you what I’ve been so secretive about. That will be loads of fun! Have a good day you guys and if you are also ill, get better soon!




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