Christmas Post #4 Writers and Poets

Hello everyone! Yes, I’m kind of late in bringing you my last few Christmas posts and they may be a bit messy but I still wish to share with you a few artists, writers, and crafty folks for the holiday season.


This posting is about Writers and Poets. I have a company in my midst that has more than just fiction writers but also a varied selection of poets. Their name is PDMI Freelance Publishing. There among them are several artists of words.


PDMI Amazon Store


Here’s some dark poetry from my friend Robert Marsh


Deadly Vows


Children’s Books By Author Concetta Payne


Bobo and Bess Books


One of my favorite YA Romance and Fantasy authors, Pamela Swyers


Pamela Swyers Books And ohhh, I just saw two of them on kindle I might get, I’m behind on my Tryta Chronicles stories!


Author and Poet Craig Murray, he writes a lot of different things. All great stuff by the way.


Craig’s Amazon Page


Lorraine brings the spirituality to the mix.


Lorraine’s Amazon Page


The Dark Fantasy of Alexia Purdy


Alexia’s Amazon Page


Jimmy Pudge is not only scary at times but very funny.


Jimmy’s Amazon Page


Well my brain is about to get belly up so I better quit for now with the shameless friend promos but hey, thought I’d give you guys some variety what can I say, love me some writers and poets.


Merry Christmas all, and to all good reading!




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