Christmas Post #5

This post is all about the crafty things and if I can remember, I’ll include some art too.



This is the site of Alicia Jensen, she also has a sister site to this one, it’s called Dragoness Delights, but go visit either of her sites and tell her I sent ya. I bought something that my little one is going to be wearing tonight that’s rather cute.


Loki’s Playground



This is the site of Rue Volley and her creative creations:


Stuff & Things and What Boredom Brings


Well I also wanted to mention, yes some time in the future I will probably be purchasing something from Rue. Her stuff is cute too!


Hazel Mitchell does wonderful Children’s Illustrations.


Hazel’s Prints


Well for now I’m going to go but if you have some art or something you want me to add tell me!!!


Love you guys and Merry Christmas, happy Yule and all that good stuff!




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