The Beginning of a Nightmare




Once again, this is news on Legends, I know, when damn it! Soon! I promise! It’s in the pre-production stages again. I’m not sure when it will be with us, but I can tell you, instead of a series where you have to wait to see what happens next, it’s gonna be one big book. And the name has changed, I know call it, Mystik Legends.


The beginning of the nightmare all started one summer day, just one, well really one night. It changed the rest of my and Morgan’s life. We didn’t know it then but we were flung into a destiny filled with monsters! Yep, you heard me, monsters. Anywhere from ghosts to vampires to demons trying to hunt us and kill us. That’s okay because we defend ourselves pretty well. Just the thought of it never ending makes me feel that certain rage.


My son was raised in this life, unfortunately. His father is mostly gone from this world, I thought he was, but I know better. And the whole world has no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Whoever decided to write a book about it, they’re an idiot because no one’s gonna believe it. And how they found out about us, I don’t know. We’ve been careful to keep out of the papers and off the news. It’s been a ‘family secret’ for a while now. I guess if you wanna know, read the damn book, if you can take it, that is. I’m sure Morgan could enlighten the crowd a bit more than I can.” –Jen


This direct quote came from Jen who bore Warren O’Connell III. She didn’t even know she would have him until after the week from hell down in Tipton Ford, Missouri. He was raised knowing the art of keeping the secret and learning what it meant to fight against evil in the world that no one imagined was out there.


“Well, I’m pretty sure, you don’t want to hear from me but here goes. It happened a long time ago, it was f*&^ed up, we lived. Okay, we went on to experience a whole ration of F*&%ed up s*#@ that y’all wouldn’t see comin’ if it hit ya in the face. We killed more crazy s*&# than you can think up and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. After a while you just get used to kill or be killed. It’s not fun, it’s not good, it’s raw, terrible, horrifying. You scared yet? Cause you should be. If you stumble across some stupid ass author’s version of what happened and decide to pick it up, you’re one sick SOB that’s for sure!”—Morgan


If you want to know their whole story, soon, you’ll be able to do more than just glimpse inside their world, but envelope yourself in it.



During their fight with a six hundred year old Viking spirit, Jen and Morgan discover – not all things people believe about myths are really myths or intriguing urban legends, guised in the form of hearsay and rumor. While leaving an aging place of employment after a huge blow out with the boss; who still had no real idea, the two women discover yet another object and in succession another mission falls squarely in their laps.


This new mission leads them on yet another step in their journey to find themselves and figure out how to defeat something that isn’t supposed to exist. Once again friendship will be tested and fought for as the world is shed of another Vampire. Jen and Morgan go home with a new friend in tow.


And safe in the knowledge that Pandora, a Vampire ally, has taught Morgan about her witches’ powers and more importantly how to use them. While being instructed in her craft, another object was found that has the ability to kill anyone who isn’t of the succession in the line of blood – who always cared for their own objects. Without the object staying in the family with which it belonged, great damage would be done.


Witches and Free Masons spring on Sioux Falls, South Dakota to battle it out for the powerful object in order to see who will gain control of it. Jen, Morgan, the Free Masons and Pandora set out to fight for the object. Later all souls involved come together, aware things are only heating up…


After a long few months, things take a different turn and something new is putting the girls to the test, can demons really kick-start Armageddon? Do the girls have what it takes to stop them? Will this begin a vendetta between Lucifer and Jen?



Get ready for the adventure to begin this spring!