The Journey: The Road So Far 2013


Hello Dear Readers,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts and it’s been for good reason. This girl has been very busy. No time for philosophy, deep seeded thoughts or most even just thoughts that constantly roam inside my head.

These past months I’ve been working a lot. Building the foundation to something great, when I started, I had no idea that’s what I was doing. It was just another job to me. One I’d never done before, good thing I pick up things fast. But by the end of March I was working on the bricks it takes to fully put into motion something of great substance and value.

Today I can say the journey that began at the beginning of 2013 has been a positive one, and for the life of me, I had no idea that’s what this year would hold for me or the other people involved. I did, however, know there would be writing this year, as I’d already done so much of it, trying hard to gain a place back in this world where I wasn’t so lost. It took a few months but I’m feeling a lot better.

So many negative things COULD get in the way BUT, I’m trying hard not to let them. It’s been your usual writer roller coaster of course but I can deal, it’s been normal in that respect. All but the book buying. I buy books, when I’m able, usually Kindle version because I have no more room in my tiny house to store them. Which I’m in the process of trying to find more room and that means cleaning out of the junk that’s accrued in this place so forgive me if I seem absent a lot this year. There’s work to be done and downsizing of interior household items once again.

Also, it seems, this is my year to get all my backlogged books into print and in your hands, dear readers. That is, if you still wish to read them. I know it’s been a very long wait…imagine being the one with the book and trying to sell something it seems like no one wants anymore. BUT, I can say, it’s not the final straw in the challenge that is the biz. I have so much more in store this year. I am almost finished with a four book series in first draft. The first is due out soon for you guys to read and the others will come to you this year as well. Many more projects are setting the scene for the year as well, like I said, backlog.

This is and has been a very busy year for me, because skills learned are becoming skills that will earn, that’s about all I can say in that respect for now, but look for an announcement toward the end of June or beginning of July, and when I make the announcement, if you wish for further info, all you have to do is get in touch and I will give you the details…not a long wait so have patience, I know, writers don’t have much even when we should LOL!

So, that’s what’s up so far on this the Journey 2013, editing and formatting my way along as per usual and just generally taking it a day at a time and as it comes. Hope you have a nice day and don’t forget, the best way to support your author’s is a review or a like and share if you like their work…Read and Write On!!