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Hello there! I thought to help us celebrate Halloween, I would show you what goodies I have in my little bag. I really hope you get a kick out the new stuff I added to commemorate the first thing I ever published myself. Also, if you’ve never read it, you’re in for a lot of scary surprises! Happy Halloween, from me to you!

Devils in the Details-Reboot3

Book Blurb:

Vigilante Publishing Group LLC presents Devil’s in the Details- Reboot, the first anniversary edition of the first ever Horror anthology by the author of Mystik Legends and Fire, Ice, & Blood, Jennifer Oneal Gunn.

The tradition continues with more macabre tales of blood and woe. Scotty isn’t the only thing to be wary of. The night is your doom and damnation. Do not delay in flipping through this book that waits for you…to haunt you to the very root of your soul.

Excerpt from Devil’s in the Details- Reboot:

The Red Vice

Blood filtered away from the body quickly as if running away from something it was scared of. It oozed out of the orifices in concise pattern with the floor in was spreading across. In death the body was turning paler as it lay there surrounded in its own life force, as it began to slowly congeal sealing the body to the ground beneath. It was not even an hour before, the horror and loss of life took place, the soul was still inside, and the lungs still breathed air.

The bloody torso with only a head left attached almost stuck fully to the floor before the cops who were called to the subway station got there. When the forensics team showed up, they bagged and tagged all they could, which wasn’t much. Lead Investigator James Holland stood a few feet away staring at the remains as if they would give off some hidden clue. He zoned out, closed his eyes, and meditated the world away. All he saw before his vision was the color red. All he heard was the victim screaming. He wanted to know why. What’s the M.O. of the killer? Why here, why now?

The investigator opened his eyes and closed in on the body again, staring down at her, scouring every inch of her blood soaked body for something. He looked at the cuts, how the killer dismantled her limbs. The cuts weren’t clean, it took time to hack off her arms and legs. He tortured her, doing it that way.

As the M.E. and coroner came to get the body to take it to the lab, Holland saw something embedded in the one of the stumps where her legs had been. One shining shard of metal, to him it looked like the teeth broken off from a good old fashioned hand saw. After the item was bagged and tagged, most of the team had taken leave of the subway station. The investigator stuck around, his head pouring, reeling with possible reasoning, motives, serial killers, and everything else he could think of to solve the case.


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Paperback: 268 pages

Publisher: Vigilante Publishing Group LLC; One Year Anniversary Edition

Date: October 30, 2013

Language: English



Author Bio:

Jennifer Oneal Gunn is the single mom of two kids, a writer, and a partner in a publishing company. She writes Horror/Dark Fantasy, with such titles as Mystik Legends and Devil’s in the Details. She’s studied the art of how to write the dark stuff for over twenty years now and loves every minute of it. Reading and writing the macabre is a passion living within that will never die.

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