My Take on Depression

Sometimes I wonder if people know, if they understand, or if they care to fully comprehend things before opening their mouths about some subjects or do they think it’s cool to just pander on like worthless rotten tomatoes they wish they could throw in the faces of other people. In the wake of what some of us deem a tragedy (one week ago) our friend, yes he belonged to the world as much as his family, Robin Williams passed away. Everyone has their thoughts on the matter. Well, here are mine.

I think that fools open their mouth and just talk to hear themselves TALK. When it comes to actually knowing what the hell is going on in someone’s life or a reason why, oh hell no, let’s not get the facts. And when you do, you spew like you know something that you couldn’t possibly have the first inclination about. Depression is REAL. It’s not something we fake because we’re weak. It’s something that can mentally cripple people to the point that they cannot get up again. I’ve seen this far too much in my life. It started before I was ever born. It runs in families, it hides in shadows, it takes who it wants when it wants. The ones who call us weak have NO CLUE what it does or how it does it. SO, I say, to you people who believe you know what’s going on, you have no idea. Sure, you, like the rest of us are entitled to an opinion. Free speech and all that. But let’s get a few things straight. If you’ve never dealt with the disease, SHUT UP! Your hate speech is not needed.

You know what I think is weak? All those who bash and become bigots of others just because they aren’t the same as you. That is weak. Failing to understand a person’s reasons for doing something and only seeing your own agenda or hatred, that is weak. Never having had to fight yourself daily and dig yourself out of a deep dark hole that was made because of hate or sadness, that is weak. Not having the compassion for others who have, that is weak. Not knowing that people grieve differently or feel pain differently, that is weak. Not giving a shit about other people, people who may be hurting, people who feel a loss, but to keep pandering hatred about something you know nothing about, that is weak.

Yes, the world is on its head, it has been for a while, do you not get it that some people lose their fight for reasons that aren’t explained to us? And even when they are, they aren’t good enough for you? Who the hell are YOU? And why does your anger or hatred matter?

I’ve dealt with depression for most of my life. When it’s bad, it’s bad and when it isn’t, it isn’t. It’s not your business to criticize people because you have no consciousness and sleep just fine, not everyone is like that. Some of us have deeper souls than you. We were built with it, from the first day. We can’t take it back or make it better, we have to fight it ALL the time. So, before you decide who is weak and who isn’t, before you force your close-minded crap opinions on a crowd of people who don’t know your real name or occupation, think about this: I’ve met some of the toughest people the earth has had to offer, because they chose to fight their disease with everything they have inside them. It’s not their fault that not all of them are still here with us. The disease takes who it wants finally, when it’s time. It’s not because they weren’t strong enough. It’s because they were tired. Something someone who’s never fought that hard fight will know anything about. If you don’t know, don’t be a hateful bigot who has nothing more to say than nasty comments on the Internet. I know, I know, freedom of speech, well did your mama teach you to act like an uneducated asshole? In any instance in your life? No, she probably didn’t and shame on you for thinking that inappropriate actions are okay. Because they aren’t! Not in the least little bit is it fine to say angry things to people. (I’m doing so now, because you all need a mama lesson apparently.)




  1. This has me in tears. People have no idea what’s behind many smiles and kind words. Depression is crippling and practically invisible in so many people. Think before you judge and for God’s sake…think before you speak, because not doing so is straight-up bullying! It’s hateful and self-serving, self-soothing…to calm your very own demons.

    1. Thank you for saying that. It is an all too common problem. It truly sickens me to think of how people treat others who are brave enough to try and face it, even if they don’t make it through.

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