Cover Art 101

Cover art is my topic of the day today. Today, I want to show you something. It’s a cover I made. It’s generic, I know. My point with making it was to illustrate how easy it is to come up with some ‘manufactured’ crap. Anyone with a mild willingness to learn layers and paint brushes can accomplish this.

beautiful landscape photography

This type of cover is an example only. I’ve never made one like this other than to illustrate and create a plot point for you. I mostly derive my artistic pleasures from making art an author falls in love with. (Meaning, pre-fab will NOT do.)

Here are some examples of past work I’ve done, just to show you what it is I love so much about creating art.

Roderick Simons3

The cover of an unpublished novel (example of Steampunk)

JNH4_Front 1

The fourth book in the Revenging the Evil Series

Beautiful Monsters_Jan2016_1

My first cover, created in 2014

Mystery Cover 2_June 2015_2.1

Example taken from online tutorial

These are just some of the reasons why hiring a good cover artist is definitely worth the time and money spent. Have a good day, folks! And happy Friday!


Jennifer Oneal Gunn

Freelance editor, artist, and mom.