A Letter to My Children

Dear Children,


I just wanted to say, I love you. I love ALL of you. I only birthed two, but am the mom to lots. I was blessed to have a neighborhood full of children. I watched you all grow and change. One thing I know, moms don’t just love their own, they have the ability to love many all at once. I think we were given this ability for a reason. Sometimes, we see little people and we know even if they aren’t ours by blood, they need us. Even if the part you play in a child’s life is small, make it good.

As I’ve said, I’ve watched you all grow. To have been even a small part of it, that lights my heart up inside. I see you, I see how much you’ve changed and how much each of you has grown up. I see love in each of you. This is why when I see you, every time I see you, I tell you I love you. I always want you to know this, that you all are always loved.

Life can be hard and can sometimes get you down. This is always going to be true. So is the fact that mom always has your back and loves you without question.

I’m so proud of each of you, my blood or not. You’re mine. (Not as in, my possession, but as my people, my family.) So, no matter what your path becomes, I love you all forever. No matter what happens in your lives, you will always be a part of mine.

I think all our lives would have been far darker had we not known each other and since we have, that is a blessing we cannot ignore. Even when we don’t see each other, know that you are always loved.



Jennifer Oneal Gunn

Mom, writer, editor, and cover artist.