Today I have Author C. N. Pinckard on the Blog!

Hello Folks! I bring you another great PDMI Author this month of May, I hope you enjoy looking over her work, and will go pick up the book!

Bio of C.N. Pinckard

C.N. Pinckard is a wife and the mother of two autistic boys who are 15 and 9. C.N. has a mild form of Aspergers herself. Her husband is a three-time cancer survivor and a recent graduate with a BA in Secondary History. She is pursuing her degree in Secondary English while working at a local community college tutoring in math.


She created the realm of Siella with the hope that people who are having a hard day can relax and unwind in the story, and forget all of their cares for even a moment. C.N. has enjoyed writing since she was 19 years of age, but never had the gumption to show any of her writings to anyone. She finally caught a break when she gathered up enough nerve and shared her work. Now many people can see the world of Siella that her imagination has been bringing to life.


Review by: Sarah on Oct. 27, 2011 : I just finished reading this book and can’t wait for the next installment. Ideal for younger readers, very descriptive.


Review by: Leslie Appling on Sep. 28, 2011 : This is a truly enjoyable read, and a unique offering in the fantasy/adventure genre. It is clean, just a little romance, and completely appropriate for younger readers whose parents aren’t fans of the racier series. The characters are well-written and the prose is beautifully descriptive. A good book for anyone 10 years and older. Very much looking forward to this author’s second book.


Review by: D. Mickelson on Sep. 25, 2011 : This is a new author’s first book. It is great for those who like fantasy! Forest has given us a new world full of many kinds of elves as well as a few other creatures. She has some great characters and good adventures as well as a touch of romance. Try it!


The folks that have read it really liked it. It’s in the process of re-release through PDMI Freelance Publishing.