Pugs Goes To School…

Hey there you guys some cool stuff just happened and I want to tell you all first thing! First of all I had an idea, then I put the first stages into play. This said idea I got from my daughter inadvertently, and I have to say I loved it and so did her school. Yes, you heard it here first I got some awesome Children’s Books into Alezabeth’s library at school, Pugs is visiting! Yay! Author Erik Ekstrom’s book series Pug Tails will be coming soon to Carterville Elementary School!

I’m also working on another phase to this idea to expand on it, and when I find out if it’s a go I will let you know, I’m so excited! You guys are going to love it! I’m so excited for Erik and…and…Concetta Payne, did some talking up of her stuff as well so we’ll see. I’m laughing a lot inside because I’m happy for these folks and so proud of them. Way to go!