The Journey: The Road So Far

Yeah, Supernatural reference above, I love that show though…well to put it plain, I’m writing this as a way of cataloging the Authors Journey I’ve been on for over a year now. This blog started out being some place for me to write about all that goes on and has gone on for me this past year but things are a whirl wind as life begins anew and things change all around us all the time.

It was a slow start to last year but when it finally started picking up steam it was full steam ahead and onward ho, I go! Or at least that was how I looked at. Things got going and never stopped, I just picked up more and more in this world of writing, Writers, PR, the business itself and conduct. I can’t tell you how many snippets of other Writer’s work I’ve read in hopes of helping them somehow and thus forming connections with them, or in some cases reading for reviews I write which I’ve written my share this year (and it’s been fun.) I have an eclectic mix of connections in this my own odd little writing world and I think my mix is good. There aren’t thousands of you but there are great people on my pages and I value that more than anything. You guys mean a lot to me.

Well, 2010 was the year of the Agent for me. I got my agent in like April/May and it was made official in June. I have learned so much about this business from her. And it’s been valuable. I have also written a lot of short stories in that time. I have a couple on the back burner as well don’t worry. The ideas are still flowing.

In one year’s time I have become a published Poet, appeared on an internet radio show, did several book reviews, blogged and revised works previous to my bag of tricks here on the net…still working on a few. I have also gone into Promoting as well, I am partnered with a good friend of mine there, and love promoting some of my favorite Authors. Also I am due to be a published Novelist in November! Legends will be published through a smaller but still very awesome publishing house called Hellfire Publishing. They are some great people over there! And I am enjoying being a part of the chaos. *wicked smile inserted here* Also as of Friday I am now a Copy Editor! I’m truly excited about that! Oh and I am also involved in organizing a charity, one of the many I am involved with, to get books back in the libraries and schools that have been affected by the horrid storms that have so far ravaged the US, can’t forget about that now can we? LOL!

You know the positivity I try to show does pay off, look at the shy girl I was and look at the woman I am; too many changes to go back now and I don’t want to. This is my world and I love it here! Life really can be good if you want it bad enough. I thought a few years ago that life sucks and I don’t know why the hell I live it, even the kids were making me angry for no reason because I was angry at the world. It wasn’t their fault but mine. To let go of that anger was ‘such a big adventure’ and now this life is one as well.  Oh man waxing philosophical, hehehe! But it truly has been a big adventure and for the most part a truly happy one. I have since losing the anger tried to spread the light as far and wide as I am able.

I’m going to go there guys, God is great and he loves me, I know this, he’s saved my heart and soul from total oblivion, also he’s saved my life countless times so yeah I believe…even if you don’t, I’m not judging you. But you have to know that he is my God and I am his child…I owe him big for his love and light and he is there, I question and fight against him no more. I just follow my path, where ever that leads me…there is a lot of love in my heart now that I’ve neglected to see for so long that it overflows outward now. And for the most part my days are spent happy and productive. I love this life and am overjoyed to live it!

So many good things have happened this year, so many things I would have figured were impossible before. And now I know that with some faith all things are possible. You guys have been the best and I enjoy you all, I would like to thank you for taking this journey with me as I learn and teach what I have learned to others in hopes of helping just one of you to succeed.

ALL of the pieces of the puzzle are in place and so far they all fit as they were meant to and I wouldn’t change them and the position they’re in for anything…everything is where it’s supposed to be. *Wink* Yes, I said ALL the pieces, and I mean that…my heart is filled to the brim with all things good…love has a big spectrum but I got it all covered…and wouldn’t trade 2010-11 for anything in the world! It’s been one hell of a year in this the Writing world and I love every bit of it!

2011, this has been a year of exploration, learning, writing, seeking and finding, even when I wasn’t looking things have come to me that I didn’t even imagine…still no trading it!

Who could imagine one could come so far in just a year’s time? It’s been a great year thus far and you guys have made it that way and I thank you! *Big Smiles and HUGS for you inserted here!* Well for now I’m going to go get in gear and do some of the other many things on my plate…just thought I would let you know about the road so far. ❤ I smile at you all from afar and will continue to write things only your nightmares are made of as long as you continue to enjoy it!

J. Gunn