Winds of Change Part 2

Hello folks, this is probably going to be the only post this month I make besides my PDMI Author posting because I will be very busy with lots of research and subbing and all that entails. It’s time to really get down to business since I cleared my plate with some of the other stuff I’ve been up to I have loads of other things to learn and quickly.


Researching is such a great tool in this business and learning quickly is something I fortunately do best. If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’m not dead, promise, just working my ass off trying to do the thang! LOL!


I’m working on several small things at once that are efforts toward a huge goal for me with the work that I do. And learning this stuff is very good and very important, so in order to focus I will be staving off of most of my social media and Facebook stuff for a bit until I get my ducks in a better line so to speak. These guys need me at my best and that is going to mean a lot of new things.


The winds of change are blowing all around me, things are going by fast and I need to play massive catch up with everything now that there is time for it. So, like I said, no I didn’t die I’m still alive just working the buns to the bone for a good cause and you’ll see the results of what I’ve been up to soon.


As the gusting continues we’ll see the ways of the Agent/Promoter/PR Consultant inside me come out and to the surface. So let’s get ready for the changes folks. I’m ready for them and ready for positive actions and reactions with all of this, as I’m sure some of you are too, and have been anxiously awaiting it. Me too y’all, me too!


So I’m done with the posting now and will see you all around the water cooler when it’s possible. Let’s think positive and hope beyond for positive things to happen, I know I am, and I want you all with me on this.



Until next time,