Everett Holmes Sanctuary of the Damned by Erik Ekstrom is Coming Soon!

Well folks it’s Thursday, March 14, 2013, and guess what? I got a treat for you, as said in my ‘sing-song’ voice lol! Hope you enjoy it. It’s the next installment in the Everett Holmes series, gosh I love these books, so twisty, so turning, so absolutely scary at times…anyway, here you are, nice tasty morsel for you to nibble on before it comes up for release!



Everett Holmes Sanctuary of the Damned:


 E2_Print cover

In a day and age when the Mayan calendar is about to wind down, society is gripped in fear. Governments around the world begin to fail, rioting hits the streets as social unrest becomes even more apparent, and churches of all religions are forced into the responsibility of trying to hold it all together. As the end of the dreaded Mayan prophecy approaches and turmoil continues to ravage the globe, a man in Chicago has something even more important in mind…the killing of his next victim.


It has been ten years since we last saw Everett Holmes and much has changed in his life. For a decade he has been searching for his old friend turned serial killer, Max McQueen. No luck and very few clues have taken him around the globe in a dire search that has brought him to near madness. The trail is now cold as ice and Everett finds himself thrust into the modern era where crime still happens on a daily basis and psychos are blazing their own trails through history.


Everett has become a lone wolf, a recluse, a lost soul. It’s not until his trusted friend Tommy made Lieutenant and needed his help, that he was able to crawl through the darkness and into the light of reality once again. A rash of new murders has taken place and the killer, as any professional in his trade, has become exceptional in his craft. He has eluded law enforcement at every turn until they have no choice but to call in the very best, or at least a man who used to be.


Through his drug-induced haze, Everett begins to see the workings of a madman whose penchant for angels and lost souls are just as important as the manner in which the bodies are discovered. On the road to tracking the killer, Everett puts himself directly in the line of fire and hopes to find his own personal redemption in the process.



Okay, who wants to see the trailer? Yep link is right here, prepare yourself! With only a few days left, the wait is nearly over! YAY!




And more on this awesome development as it comes in! Hope to see you guys around the virtual water cooler, telling me you love this book as much as I do, really soon!!  Or you could just go tell Erik yourself, how much the book sparked terror or made you think, I’m sure he’d love to hear about it.