Press Release for Jennifer Oneal Gunn September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015


Mother of Two Finds Time to Update Books

[Joplin Metro Area]Author Jennifer Oneal Gunn has completed revisions of the first book of her series, Fire, Ice & Blood-The Story of Jake and Holly Book 1 (Revenging the Evil Series) and would like to share the news with her readers.


Jake Louglin is special, extraordinary, in fact. He’s been using his power of premonition since he was a kid, but the night he used his gift to save his Holly was the night he was changed forever. Now in the present day, he and Holly have a family. They created a brilliant son, Chase. While living their life, the family used their gifts to lay ghosts to rest.

One skeleton filled their closet to the brim, the Loughlin’s then had to decide how to end the possessive reign of one blood-thirsty soul over the body of Jake’s Holly. Does he win the fight and save her from the world’s most dangerous soul, or does he lose her to darkness forever?

Price: $12.00

Length: 316 pages

Genre: Fiction / Romance / Paranormal

Published: May 24, 2014

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Jennifer Oneal Gunn, mom, writer, editor, and artist.


Squishy Face and the Moon Release

Hello, folks!

I just wanted to let you know, I’m releasing a new book January 2nd and where you can order your copies. I hope you like this labor of love I dedicated to my daughter. It’s about science and a parent teaching their child. It was written when my daughter was a couple of years younger, but I still think the message resonates. A child’s first teacher is their parent.

I hope the illustrations are pleasing to the eye and enjoyable also. This is my first illustrated book. I took some time with the drawings because, as you know, authors, we don’t think we can until one day we just do. Again, I hope the kids enjoy them.

Here is the cover art and a little about the book below:

Squishy Face and the Moon_Cover 2



Squishy face is a little girl in a big world, which often frightens her. Luckily, she has Big Mama to guide her and show her the way. In this book, Big Mama teaches little Squishy Face about the moon.

Here is where you can purchase your copy starting January 2nd:

Visit me on Facebook for the Launch Party, we have games and prizes for you to win over there. You just might win something cool!


The Release of Fire, Ice, & Blood-The Story of Jake and Holly Book I (Revenging the Evil series)

Releasing today, hot of the presses, brand new and for me, never done before…this little idea came from a short story I wrote about a year ago…that of course, derived from a dream I had.

Through the fog, I bring you, Fire, Ice, & Blood, rising, soaring into the sky, like a phoenix through the ashes, she goes higher:


The Loughlin’s lived a somewhat happy life, until the day Jake had to go back to vanquish the spirit of evil in the one place his wife never wanted to go again, seventeen years after the night of mass murder. It wasn’t over the night he took matters into his own hands and killed the lunatic who nearly murdered everyone in the building including his wife.


Next the family goes to Ireland in order to help a family who heard about what they do, friendships form with the man and wife they go to help rid the world of the vengeful spirit of their daughter. In the town there was another little mystery that needed dealt with.


Upon returning home, Jake had no idea he’d left Holly open to a spiritual invasion. He’d never even thought about after he vanquished the spirit he protected her from. About a month later, all the differences added up and he found out before she could kill him that Holly was possessed by the spirit of a very old, very evil relative she didn’t know she was related to.


Life became a race against time as the family traveled to Europe with a plan to rid Holly’s body of the spirit before it could take over forever, killing her own soul. Do they make it in time, is Jake’s magic enough, what lengths does he go to while trying to save the woman he loves?

This is not all I have in store for you this is just the first installment. If you want to read it all, print or eBook here’s where you can find it:–Story-Holly-Revenging-ebook/dp/B00CY1LOSK/ref=la_B00C0JCQ2O_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1369892679&sr=1-8

Have fun reading this book, I had so much fun creating it. It’s been a ride and a half! And, it’s not over yet!