Writer’s Thoughts Dec 2012



I know this may sound like psycho babble at the moment, but I wanted to write it, although my mind isn’t always quiet right when I’m ill, which I have been as of last few days. The picture I wish to post with this writing is one I found quite interesting. It depicts the two sides (in my opinion) of what we see. Sometimes we see the barren wasteland but long for the green and the ocean beyond.


Some might say it’s a writer’s thoughts. Desolate yet we seek the full color, the vivid emotional blues and greens. I think sometimes we see it both ways, dead and gone, yet full of life. It to me represents the bipolar-isms of the human mind. Sometimes we see things fully, yet are only able to eek out that with which is dry, having no true bearing on what we see. Either way it goes, it sometimes comes out of our mind not in the way of our choosing.


I thought this image was fitting because sometimes we wish we’d see more than just the dead things or sometimes we wish we were able to describe the ocean even though (this may surprise you) some of us have never seen it. More often we are given to the thoughts, we try as we might to see the things in our heads, visualize them so that others see what we see. Sometimes it’s not so easy. For some, the words do flow, for others it takes time to get to the place that breaks open to the ocean of words.


My focus over the years is normally not what it has been lately, while others had that I would just write when I was able and when the thoughts came, but right now, I do believe there is a beast living inside my head that tells me what I must do. Shortly I chose to give the beast back to whomever it belongs to. And then to go back to doing what it was I did before. But not before delivering a couple things to those who might enjoy them.


Time I fear is growing short, as I will probably go back to finishing an old project after I finish my work on a couple new ones. I’ve written the first draft of a novel in the short span of a month and a half, also I began working on another with which I will if time allows me, be finishing this month. While I’ve had the flu the last few days (or whatever horrid sickness that befalls me) I’ve chosen to not write but think of a few twists that may come to be of use a bit later in the plot to keep things interesting. As of right now, I’ve hit a spot of pleasantness among the group, we can’t have too much of that for then we wouldn’t have such an interesting book, now would we? I would think not. So, as I ramble on, know that I’m thinking as in my ill mind of turns that might spur other things so as to keep on guessing.


The picture, the one in this post, I liked as soon as I saw it, for it was this that kept me thinking of writer’s oxymoronic diatribe. How we think, how we feel, sometimes how thoughts can get lost among more thoughts. How words can sometimes be thought one way and come out another. How vexing it can be when all we wanted to do was capture the beauty of something and yet here it can be, described as something altogether different. It’s that way sometimes with the creative mind I guess, when in there, sometimes out here it translates otherwise. Just remember, sometimes I ramble when I’m ill and I’m addle-brained at best.


I can tell you this, the new project I’m working on shows great promise. And at 41k so far on the second book, I can’t complain. A truer form of therapy at the cost of nearly nothing but sanity, how can you beat that? LOL!


Well I have to go out and rest again. I’ve brought enough mischief your way for the time being and hopefully sometime in the coming year I can show you what I’ve been so secretive about. That will be loads of fun! Have a good day you guys and if you are also ill, get better soon!




Christmas Post #3 Romance

Well again I come to you with Christmas Merriment on my mind. This time I bring you Romance and other such things that go with the genre.


As many of you know, this genre is close to my heart because once upon a time there was a little editor named Jen, who edited books for a little company she is still fond of and wishes to see them go very far indeed.


Since then, I’ve also run across a few good authors as well. Thought I would take the time to give them some space here with you guys hope you enjoy!


Naughty Nights Press


Rebel Ink Press


Vamptasy Publishing


Jaidis Shaw Author Page


DeAnna Felthauser Author Page


Again, yeah, HP has a little bit of everything! So don’t count them out! 🙂


Well for now I think we have it, next post I’m thinking most other writing, like everybody I can think of that has something out, then Poets.


Until then, friends, please enjoy and Merry Holidays (whichever ones you support and celebrate!)



Christmas Post #2: Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

Hey again folks! Hope you’re having a pleasant day. Today I wanted to come in and talk to you about another favorite genre I love to read. Thrillers are a part of our world, thickly transposing the life around us, enveloping us fast into them.


I’ve read some wonderful Mystery/Thriller/Suspense books in my time here as an Indie Author. I’d like to take some time today to share some of those with you. And I hope your Christmas is filled with mystery.


So here we go with the listing of some of my favorites and some I’ve not had the pleasure of reading just yet.


flat cold serial


Absolutely love this series by B. Grovner. You guys need, I mean, need to check this out!

Cold Series




Erik_Ekstrom_book cover 2011


This book right here is so awesome it landed on a banned list! Go get it and see what I mean!

Everett Holmes The Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer





She’s batting 1000 folks, go check out the works of Ellen McKinney and tell her Jen says, ‘Hi!’

Ellen McKinney Author Page on Amazon


HPLogomed Promo 2011

Check out HP’s Thriller page!




I hope you guys find something either you or the mystery loving members of your family will love!


Again Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping to you!



Christmas Promo Post #1

Hello folks, yes, Christmas is nearing, and what do we do for Christmas? We buy things. Of course we do. Yes, my nefarious purpose is to get you to buy more, LOL!

This year I decided to do things a little differently than the ones before it. I decided to get a little more organized about it. And since FB likes to tell us all we’re spamming ourselves lately I thought I would also do it this way.

I think what’s going to happen is, I’m going to gather a bunch of you who write in the same genre, gather your links here in a post and talk to the good folks about what you all are offering with your work.

I know it’s not much but, hey, thought I would give it a try anyway, for the sake of I guess getting into the spirit of things. If I do anything for musicians this year it will also be its own posting just for the music.

The first genre I’m going to do is by far my favorite, why you might ask? Because I write in it as well as read it all the time.

Close to and around Halloween there was an anthology put out by me, but there were also a few things by some of the other writers I know, before and after that time. I would like to get to them now so you all can see them. (Some of these were done in year’s past as well. The companies will still appreciate your business, as you may not have seen them last year. And I thank you for taking a look.)

Hellfire Publishing: A place to get an array of scary stuff! They actually have more than just for the gore-lovin’ zombie hatin’ killer in you…they have some romance, and they have a children’s book on their docket of works as well. http://www.hellfirepublishing.com/

Direct buy link to Sleep Stalker by Patrick Royal


Kindle edition: Undeserved Gifts by Brett Williams:


Also, From Murky Depths by Brett Williams:


John Claude Smith’s Author page has a few good reads there for the Horror fan in the family:


Okay, and yes I’m plugging my stuff here too because I can’t honestly think of any more Horror/Dark Fantasy folks at the moment who I can name with something out the door for you to see and or purchase, may need to make small note to self * update post later, when your brain works! *

Here’s my author page where everything is neat and tidy for you:


Anyway, yes, there will be more posts with more companies and authors to go check out very soon! Merry Christmas early!


Quick update to this post! How could I forget about Evil Jester Press!! Not cool I say!!!


The Next Big Thing!

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I was tagged as a part of this blog hop by Bathsheba Dailey, a great Poet and Writer I know, now after doing this, I know you guys will try to join in the fun. It’s a great way to share with others, some of our wonderful friends and artists. There were too many for me to list them all.

Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing:

What is your working title of your book?

I have to pick just one? LOL! Current series, titles include Fire, Ice, & Blood and Tortured Souls

Where did the idea come from for the book?

A short story I wrote called, The Story of Jake and Holly

What genre does your book fall under?

I would say it falls pretty close to Paranormal Romance.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Oh that would be a hard one. LOL! Holly most resembles Katie Holmes and Jake would be, hmm, hard to say. Blonde and Viking lol!

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

One night of murder and macabre can lead to a lifetime of love…

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? 

I don’t know yet because I don’t currently have an agent and I’m not looking for one, though I’ve thought of going traditional with this series, there’s a lot out there already. I might try to represent myself in these matters, if I can.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Fire, Ice, & Blood took a month and a half to write, still working on Tortured Souls.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Any with the family dynamic, the ones that do their work together, fight their fights together and remain together.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I have a friend and also a muse for these stories who both inspire me to write them. My friend Jess gives me cool info and the muse deals with the ghosts.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? 

Hopefully the idea itself, that a family built upon tragedy makes it work for them, they love, they live, they do what they do for one another. And they have cool things they can do. Then there’s the job they do, have you ever been the sort to want a ghost to be able to be at peace? The Loughlin’s do that for people, it’s kind of cool.

I am now tagging five fabulous writers: Harder than I thought!

Keira Kroft, the fabulous Keira, author of a few good stories such as Glow in the Dark, also has some other aliases going on, she is the leader (I mean, the sole head consort, I mean, dude it’s Hellfire Publishing!)

Victoria Marie Pecsenye, I just love ya! Keep writing, keep going in all things good!

Ellen McKinney, writer extraordinaire, she will imbibe you with a world of mysterious webbing hard to get out of and I just love her as well.

Jessica Clements Navarro, you my lovely, are a woman of many talents, writing being just one that I want to see come full circle, I’m waiting! LOL!

DeAnna Felthauser, you are a lovely person as well, people should read A Million Wishes if they haven’t, awesome book! And guys this lady is just as awesome as the words she writes!

Yeah, there were too many for my to truly be satisfied with just five, you guys are great and I love you all, I picked some ladies who I thought might pass the torch! Also, I love reading all the things, bits, pieces, poetry, and manuscripts I’ve read by some various people out there! Maybe I will get chances similar to this to show case other talented authors that I loving working with and reading!

Until next time! Keep writing!