Tucson Festival of Books is here again folks!!

Hello one and all! Good day out there to you! I come bearing news once again. This time about the festival of books down in Tucson. YAY! Festival time! You know what this means? Authors from all over Arizona gather and events are held all day at the University of Arizona.


One of my favorite authors is going to be on site Sunday, so if you have you Pugs books get them out and go say hi to Erik Ekstrom who will be there signing books from 11:45a.m. to 1:45 p.m., in the Children’s Tent. Tell his I said hello as well. If you haven’t purchased the Pug Tails series, I advise that you do, the kids will love it, I know my little girl adores those books. She has them all signed and on her shelf. (Smiling.)




I would love to be in your shoes, folks, as you hold the hand of your little ones walking the campus gazing at all the fun stuff they will have there, and get to meet some authors as well. What could be better on a Sunday, midday, than to go over and take a peek under that tent and see all the adventures written for your children?



To seek out more info come to this page, or just to show some love:

Festival of Books Facebook Page

Here’s the web site as well:

Tucson Festival of Books



Have fun out there this weekend in the sun folks!! Smiling at you all from afar!