Tucson Festival of Books March 2012

Hey folks I come to you again to let you know of some more news from Author Erik Ekstrom! I’m excited to tell you that he’s going to be in Tucson, AZ again this weekend, so if you missed the Pugs signing and reading and want to get any of the books you own by him signed here’s where to go:

University of Arizona in Tucson

Sunday March 11, 2012

From 2-4PM Mountain Time

You can meet Erik in the West Pavilion

Bring your copies of the Storyteller series or the Pug Tails series or if you don’t have them I’m sure you can get your copies there as well for Storyteller 2 and both Pugs books.

This is what I thought of  Storyteller 2: Chicago Blood


From start to finish this book had me wanting more, I started and when I would stop for the day, I wondered what happened next until I picked up the book again. And history about Chicago during the Depression Era as seen through Erik’s eyes was too interesting to want to put the book down. When I finished it, my ending thought was, `Wow, that was a good movie.’

The depiction of Capone was probably the most true to life I have ever heard of, a man of ruthless intentions and ideals, he made his world into what he wanted, he owned it, literally. His powerful hand ruled with an iron fist, at times he had a bleeding heart. During the time of the Great Depression times were hard and people were desperate, and life was rough all over, while Capone took that in stride and made his millions.

In this second book of the Storyteller series, Johnny Roselli finds out just how real life can be on the streets that Capone owns. This was a very good read I suggest you check it out.

J. Gunn, Author


And more importantly have fun out there is sunny Arizona getting some great works signed!

©Jennifer Oneal Gunn

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