About Writing May 31 2015

Hello! I realize it’s been a while since I last blogged. Life has a serious way of keeping us from stuff we used to like doing. As someone with three blogs I rarely see, much less use, I think you all might have a hint as to what that one thing is I like to do. I used to love talking to you all, telling you stories, talking about life and some of the deeper aspects of it.

It’s been a while since I’ve even heard from some of you. Yes, I miss seeing you reading my posts. I miss the occasional interaction and the lighthearted way you all helped me feel. When you become a product of the industry instead of part of the writing/book authorship of it, it makes you think about things other than writing far too often. I guess I miss the innocence of aspiring to something new. I’ve been working in this industry since 2011. I would have preferred to have kept writing and learning. Some people never have the angle to the inside that I do, but I’m not sure you want it. It wasn’t any easy road. I can say I gained knowledge from the experiences, so I can’t trade that for anything. I would, however, trade the pain for something else. Anything else besides more of the same.

I’m not done writing, I don’t know that I will ever be. I’m done expecting anything from anyone in regards to people caring enough to actually read and enjoy what I do. That part of the innocence is gone. I think these days, if you decide to pick up a book and read it, if it just so happens to have my name on it and you enjoyed it, lovely, score one for the Mistress of the Macabre. If not, I am not going to let the words of others who will never in a million years begin to understand the intricate workings of my addled mind get me down. (Your best bet would be not to waste your time.) It’s not fair to me to let people’s ill will and nasty attitude get me depressed about something they probably think I suck at, but don’t have the guts to try as hard as I have. I began this long journey before some people were even born and learned (am learning) a lot to improve. I will have a legacy to give my children when I’m not here anymore. What will you have? (Yes, Poe fans, his fame springs to mind here as well. Maybe when I pass, my name will finally be known…no idea! LOL!)

If you don’t already know this, I’m not just the Mistress of the Macabre. I actually write in a few different genres. I know not everyone is comfortable with my scary stuff. The one thing about writing it that makes me love it so much is knowing this. You’re not supposed to be comfortable, you’re supposed to feel things and be taken out of your element and into another world. That’s what reading a good book is! I had a comment said to me once that made me laugh. It was about my first novel. As it was going through edits, the lady who worked with me on it was brash enough to say to me, “Who are you trying to impress?” The answer is simple, EVERYONE! Who do you not want to read your work? I mean, come on, you WANT people to want to read your stories. At least I used to care about that stuff. Especially when I first wrote that particular book. It was supposed to be the one that launched my career. Again, as a writer, how do you NOT want that to be impressive? And this book ended up being a first novel feat of its own. It came out at over 119K in word count. I am whittling it down from that, of course, but not as much as some people would hope, I’m afraid. The newest version is sitting at 113k respectively, right now. It’s my baby, what can I say? I love that book. I think aside from the Revenging the Evil series, Mystik Legends was the most fun to write of anything I’ve ever done.

Again, Horror isn’t the only genre I write in. I’ve written a little bit of erotica, paranormal romance, dark fantasy, dystopian fantasy, children’s, satire, and poetry. I even challenged myself once to write a short tale in a style similar to Edgar Allan Poe called Her Uncaged Heart. (Yes, I love his work, imagine that! LOL!) I’ve found I like to explore genres as much as I like to explore methods of murder, which is a lot. (Someone please erase the browser history off of all my computers when I die. Thank you in advance and send copies to the person who I deem my file holder, you know who you are, ‘George’!)

All through the time I’ve written in the open, all five years, I’ve let you all see me, I’ve done a lot of experimenting with words. I remember the days when we were all first networking, we used to have nerdy fun with words, phrases, metaphors, and sentences. That was back when our world seemed far more lighthearted than it turned out to be. We put on this façade and wore it. Some of us wore it better than others. In my innocence at the time, I didn’t understand this. Then I learned to hide behind the mask and not truly reveal what I felt, after I tried so hard to unleash what I’d been hiding all that time. The real me used to scream, wanting out. I let her out and then reeled her back in. I felt I had no choice, because it wasn’t professional to show people who you really are. Are you even human sitting behind that machine? Some of us just so happen to be, closed off from the rest of you, not free to be the wild, wounded, bleeding souls that we really are. So, yes, I write in a number of different genres as a challenge to myself, so I might express something that’s hidden away from the world and can one day come to light.

People have said that writing can help cast out our demons. In some ways that’s true, it can help us heal from some of the battles we face, but it also helps us express all the things we’ve had to hide. All people are different, vastly in some cases. Maybe some of us are shy, or scared. Maybe some of us are afraid of how we’d be seen if we wrote about a certain aspect no one wants to talk about but, still exists, ahem, I think you know where I’m going with this… That doesn’t make it any less worthy of being talked about. So, people hide who they are or what they want from the world. I don’t believe in using fake names or fake lives. I write using my given name from the day I was born as a way of trying not to hide at least some things.

I’ve only got the one life and will lead it how I choose, I am not here to judge you. Only you can fully do that because you know what you’ve done or haven’t done that you should have. I guess I’m trying to say, make the most of it in your own way, if that means writing what you damn well please, so be it. Use those words to get your point across and tell us who you are. Me…I’m just, well, you know…me. All I can ever do or be I’m doing and being right now. Without a list of my ambitions in life, I’m still the same wayward, wild, spunky little thing who loves her kids. I’m still an overachiever at whatever I do. I guess, no matter how hard we try, some things remain the same, whether it’s writing, or anything we want to do. I happen to love creating things and I always have. Before writing, I had many hobbies, most of which I’ve not done since I started all of this five years ago. Remaining focused on the goal, I stayed in a large way, looking toward the future of my career. I didn’t know at the time I entered into this field that I would become any of what I became. Having three little to no paying jobs sucks, by the way. When I first started working for others, I didn’t know how much my ‘internship’ was costing me. Live and learn, learn to get it right, and back to the drawing board are some things I’ve tried hard to base this career on. I’m not talking about a career as an author, I’m talking about a career helping them. For those newbies to my table, I started out as an agent’s apprentice and an editor at Romance eBook publisher, then I was also working at one of those self-publishing package type of publishers (short lived, of course.) And all of this was pretty much simultaneously. This is when you go partly insane, almost literally. It took me a while to figure out I needed to generalize myself and resign myself to the fact that I can’t do everything. (It was hard to come to this understanding with myself, at first, I’m not sure me, myself, and I were in agreement.)

After some much needed time away from working and some time spent writing and getting better from all those crazy days I spent without half of my brain functioning properly, I decided to stick with editing, formatting, and learning in that area. So, yeah, that is the career in writing I meant to say earlier. As a writer, those of you who are there, you know we don’t make much selling our work online. There’s a pretty flooded market out there, that’s not a joke. So, if there is something besides the writing that you like, that can tide you over until you get picked up by a house that has that amazing track record for sales; find it, be it, do it to the best of your ability and keep learning. For me, it just so happens, I still get to create things. Sometimes it’s that smashingly beautiful cover work, or that gorgeous layout you noticed when you opened the book of an author I might know. It could even be the website of one of your long-time friends. You never know.

Until next time, folks, enjoy yourselves. Get some sunshine between all these bouts of rain. Happy spring!



Jennifer Oneal Gunn is a mom of two who loves her job as author almost as much as she loves helping authors make their books shine by editing, formatting, and sometimes making them great covers. To find out more about Jennifer, check out her author site: http://jengunn79.wix.com/jengunnauthor


Everett Holmes Sanctuary of the Damned by Erik Ekstrom is Coming Soon!

Well folks it’s Thursday, March 14, 2013, and guess what? I got a treat for you, as said in my ‘sing-song’ voice lol! Hope you enjoy it. It’s the next installment in the Everett Holmes series, gosh I love these books, so twisty, so turning, so absolutely scary at times…anyway, here you are, nice tasty morsel for you to nibble on before it comes up for release!



Everett Holmes Sanctuary of the Damned:


 E2_Print cover

In a day and age when the Mayan calendar is about to wind down, society is gripped in fear. Governments around the world begin to fail, rioting hits the streets as social unrest becomes even more apparent, and churches of all religions are forced into the responsibility of trying to hold it all together. As the end of the dreaded Mayan prophecy approaches and turmoil continues to ravage the globe, a man in Chicago has something even more important in mind…the killing of his next victim.


It has been ten years since we last saw Everett Holmes and much has changed in his life. For a decade he has been searching for his old friend turned serial killer, Max McQueen. No luck and very few clues have taken him around the globe in a dire search that has brought him to near madness. The trail is now cold as ice and Everett finds himself thrust into the modern era where crime still happens on a daily basis and psychos are blazing their own trails through history.


Everett has become a lone wolf, a recluse, a lost soul. It’s not until his trusted friend Tommy made Lieutenant and needed his help, that he was able to crawl through the darkness and into the light of reality once again. A rash of new murders has taken place and the killer, as any professional in his trade, has become exceptional in his craft. He has eluded law enforcement at every turn until they have no choice but to call in the very best, or at least a man who used to be.


Through his drug-induced haze, Everett begins to see the workings of a madman whose penchant for angels and lost souls are just as important as the manner in which the bodies are discovered. On the road to tracking the killer, Everett puts himself directly in the line of fire and hopes to find his own personal redemption in the process.



Okay, who wants to see the trailer? Yep link is right here, prepare yourself! With only a few days left, the wait is nearly over! YAY!




And more on this awesome development as it comes in! Hope to see you guys around the virtual water cooler, telling me you love this book as much as I do, really soon!!  Or you could just go tell Erik yourself, how much the book sparked terror or made you think, I’m sure he’d love to hear about it.





News Release for Erik Ekstrom

Hello folks! Hope you’re having a wonderful day out there in cyberspace. The reason for today’s post is to help promote a friend of mine, and fellow writer.


While I’ve read this book, I love it, and am so excited about the re-release of it into print, can’t wait to hold it in my hands! The material is adult content but if you can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen!


Let me introduce you to this wonderfully scary work of thriller fiction shall I?






Synopsis of Everett Holmes The Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer:


A sadistic serial killer is on the loose, carving up the mean streets of Chicago one body at a time. This killer knows his trade and he takes pride in the slaying of each and every one of his victims. He taunts the elite group of investigators from the specialized homicide squad of the 16th precinct on a daily basis and leaves behind a bloody path of carnage and a purposely placed trail of clues in the form of fingerprints; fingerprints that just happen to belong to some of the most horrific serial killers in recent history. The problem lies in the fact that these killers of the innocent are all dead, killed by lethal injection at the hand of the court system.


Private investigator Everett Holmes, the great-grandson of the legendary investigator Sherlock Holmes has been running his own consulting service since leaving the Chicago Police Department. He takes on private clients, which is the bulk of his business, but he is also called in from time to time to help out with older cases that remain unsolved. His track record averages near a ninety-eight percent success rate, which makes him a valuable commodity to anyone hiring him, and he accepts the case as long as the price is right. Then there are those certain cases, the ones that touch his soul at the core, and the ones that demand to be solved. These are the cases that he does for free not only to solve it but, to keep his edge in the business.


Everett Holmes: Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer is a story of a man with a need to live up to his family’s reputation. No matter how skilled or how many difficult cases he solves, Everett seems to lack the self-confidence once exhibited by his great-grandfather Sherlock and all of the other Holmes men, generation to generation. Everett’s self-loathing characteristics lead him down the dangerous path of drug and alcohol addiction; where he plays a daily game of Russian roulette with his own life. On a particularly bad downward spiral, Everett gets the call from his friend Lieutenant Max McQueen of the Chicago Police Department. The killer has struck again and they are out of options; they need his help now.


As Everett joins up with the team he finds himself embroiled in one of the toughest cases of his career; a case filled with dirty cops and politicians, blurred friendships, incessant lies, a never ending supply of victims and a killer that can’t be stopped. With each passing moment and with each new body, Everett’s personal demons are conjured up once again throwing him into his own personal hell. Will he be able to get out of it in time to stop the brutal murders of the Forged Fingerprint Killer, or will Everett himself become the next victim?


Here’s what some of the fans had to say about it!



“I live in a world of murderers, killers, thieves, con men, scammers. and all around bad people. I am a suspense thriller writer. I thought I was pretty cool and creative and knew my trade craft, that is until I read Erik J. Ekstrom’s Novel, The Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer. I doubt that I will ever be able to create such evil or monstrous characters as Ekstrom has. Even his protagonist can’t be trusted to do what you think he should do as he unwinds the coil of death and murder that leads the reader to the brink of insanity. I was never sure which character I could turn my back on as I burned through page after page of killings so creative only a person familiar himself with serial murder could possibly know and write about. I am tempted to make an anonymous call to the FBI’s Serial Killer team at Quantico and give them a heads up on Mr. Ekstrom…but first I want to read this novel again to steal parts and ideas for my own manuscript.”



“Everett Holmes is an intense psychological thriller that will keep you guessing. Erik’s writing brings the characters to life allowing an emotional attachment to each one. Each chapter takes you deeper and deeper into the mind of the killer while allowing you to feel Everett’s pain and frustrations. There are many shocking twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. Excellent book. Can’t wait for the next in the series.”



“Everett Holmes: The Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer” kept me involved with feelings of sympathy, irony, fear, disgust and many other emotions from the beginning! I love the twists and turns of the case! Everett, who is an EX police officer turned Cold Case solver and dealing with his own issues. Takes on a bizarre to say the least case and real psycho!! I am a HUGE fan of psychological thrillers and trying to solve before the end. However in this case I was unable to….GREAT WORK there Erik, takes a lot to stump me!!

If you want to read a book that you can’t put down and that keeps you twisting in your chair, THIS IS IT! PLEASE MORE EVERETT! I am having withdrawals :)”



“Loved this book!! It is seriously twisted. It has a interesting group of characters including the main character, Everett, who is Sherlock Holmes’ great-grandson. Following in his great-grandfather’s footsteps, Everett is an investigator. He works on cold cases the cops have been unable to solve. He is doing well for himself until a mistake sends him into a tailspin. While still fighting with his demons, he is caught up in serial killer case that he hopes will get him back in the game, but what he finds may wind up sending him over the edge! If you love thrillers, don’t pass this one up! A word to the wise, it is graphic and deals with some sensitive subjects.”



“The first time I had ever heard of the book Everett Holmes: The Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer was while I was on Facebook. I normally do not read this type of genre of book so I just overlooked it as another Novelist trying to get expose for their new book. About a week later I got my “recommendations” from Amazon and they were suggesting this book. Again I overlooked their suggestions. As time went by Amazon would still put this book on my recommendation list. Then Amazon offered a “sneak peek preview” of the book. So I downloaded the preview onto my kindle. Once I started reading I didn’t put it down until I read the preview. I can honestly say that I immensely enjoyed the preview and now I am reading the book in it’s entirety. Mr. Ekstrom has his own unique writing style that captures and holds your attention through the whole book. I have recommended to my book clubs to review this book and discuss our thoughts on the book, and the writing style in which it is written. After I finish this reading this book I have plans on purchasing his Storyteller series that he has out and any others he may write in this ongoing and continuing series.”


“If you like scary thrillers, you will love Everett Holmes: The Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer.

From the beginning you are introduced to Everett Holmes, ex cop, now solving cold case files. He’s a very human very likeable character who finds what he is truly made of.

You’ll be thrown into the pits of hell, thrashed about and then spit out whole and alive on the other side. Literally.

I won’t tell you about the ending. Well, you will NEVER expect the ending…or will you??”


So, there ya have it folks, something you don’t want to miss if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading it and if you have, get it in print, there’s a few little surprises in there that just may startle you.


This is what I had to say about it when I had the enjoyment of reading it:


“Looking for a book in the mystery/psycho thriller genre? Well the first book in the Everett Holmes series, The Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer is a must read folks. It will surprise you until the very end, twisting up and unraveling the mystery is only part of the fun of this novel. And if you like your killers to be bad, try very bad, this guy will have you wishing you had the lights on, doors locked, and alarm system on.

As for Everett Holmes, being the great-grandson of legendary investigator Sherlock Holmes, it’s in his blood to find killers solving mysteries, and comes at a price; can Everett figure out the case in time to save some lives?”


Get your copy of Everett Holmes Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer and find out today! It’s been re-launched on Kindle and is now in print format! I urge you not to miss this!


Watch the trailer here:



Go to Amazon and get it in print!



Coming soon! Everett Holmes Sanctuary of the Damned, for kindle and print! I’m very excited!! I know some of us have really been being patient waiting but the wait is finally almost over!


I hope to see you soon with the release of this book!



Happy New Year 2013!!!

Hello one and all! Happy New Year to you all! I hope it turns out better than 2012. It’s been rough for a lot of us, the ones of you that I know personally, I know it has and I say, it can’t be worse now that it’s over!


We fought it and we won! We’re still breathing and still alive!


I feel the changing of the world, I don’t know about you but it’s starting to feel familiar again to me. By that I mean, it’s been a good last few days even though I spent some of it in pain (stupid teeth) but oh well. I can’t explain why I’ve been happier in the last few days but I can tell you, I’ve missed that feeling so much. Life is changing yet again that much I do know and can tell you.


It’s feeling like better things are coming, and I hope it’s a right feeling! We all need some changes for the positive. My friends, I’ve missed parts of things, you know, those simple little threads that if you pull them, laughter happens.


I’m still that girl who wants nothing more than to be happy inside. Peace, that’s one thing I’ve missed as well. And it’s been hard being so stressed this whole year and hurting, or hurting other people I care about or getting hurt by things that were done. Some day I will forgive those that did me wrong and I have forgiven and been forgiven on some ends as well.


I think it takes time for a heart to heal. I think my time of healing is almost over and that I’m hoping to get back to what we all do, and that’s life…breathing onto the pages of books.


I’ve been using my writing as a form of depression therapy over the past few months and I’m happy to say, it’s been helping a lot. Although it’s not the truth I’m writing, it’s a part of me. And it’s hopefully going to be a part of you this year! (Smiling!) I’m also working on a hopefully paying gig. AND I just wanted to add here that more of my work is hopefully going to be available soon too.


I know I did the self-publishing thing but hey, I did it my way. And I plan on doing more of it if I can figure out some fancy stuff in there. In the meantime, I’m still learning. Which is also cool!


This is the last day of the year from hell for a lot of us! I say we drink to that! And cheers my peeps! Here’s to a HAPPY 2013!!!





Writer’s Thoughts Dec 2012



I know this may sound like psycho babble at the moment, but I wanted to write it, although my mind isn’t always quiet right when I’m ill, which I have been as of last few days. The picture I wish to post with this writing is one I found quite interesting. It depicts the two sides (in my opinion) of what we see. Sometimes we see the barren wasteland but long for the green and the ocean beyond.


Some might say it’s a writer’s thoughts. Desolate yet we seek the full color, the vivid emotional blues and greens. I think sometimes we see it both ways, dead and gone, yet full of life. It to me represents the bipolar-isms of the human mind. Sometimes we see things fully, yet are only able to eek out that with which is dry, having no true bearing on what we see. Either way it goes, it sometimes comes out of our mind not in the way of our choosing.


I thought this image was fitting because sometimes we wish we’d see more than just the dead things or sometimes we wish we were able to describe the ocean even though (this may surprise you) some of us have never seen it. More often we are given to the thoughts, we try as we might to see the things in our heads, visualize them so that others see what we see. Sometimes it’s not so easy. For some, the words do flow, for others it takes time to get to the place that breaks open to the ocean of words.


My focus over the years is normally not what it has been lately, while others had that I would just write when I was able and when the thoughts came, but right now, I do believe there is a beast living inside my head that tells me what I must do. Shortly I chose to give the beast back to whomever it belongs to. And then to go back to doing what it was I did before. But not before delivering a couple things to those who might enjoy them.


Time I fear is growing short, as I will probably go back to finishing an old project after I finish my work on a couple new ones. I’ve written the first draft of a novel in the short span of a month and a half, also I began working on another with which I will if time allows me, be finishing this month. While I’ve had the flu the last few days (or whatever horrid sickness that befalls me) I’ve chosen to not write but think of a few twists that may come to be of use a bit later in the plot to keep things interesting. As of right now, I’ve hit a spot of pleasantness among the group, we can’t have too much of that for then we wouldn’t have such an interesting book, now would we? I would think not. So, as I ramble on, know that I’m thinking as in my ill mind of turns that might spur other things so as to keep on guessing.


The picture, the one in this post, I liked as soon as I saw it, for it was this that kept me thinking of writer’s oxymoronic diatribe. How we think, how we feel, sometimes how thoughts can get lost among more thoughts. How words can sometimes be thought one way and come out another. How vexing it can be when all we wanted to do was capture the beauty of something and yet here it can be, described as something altogether different. It’s that way sometimes with the creative mind I guess, when in there, sometimes out here it translates otherwise. Just remember, sometimes I ramble when I’m ill and I’m addle-brained at best.


I can tell you this, the new project I’m working on shows great promise. And at 41k so far on the second book, I can’t complain. A truer form of therapy at the cost of nearly nothing but sanity, how can you beat that? LOL!


Well I have to go out and rest again. I’ve brought enough mischief your way for the time being and hopefully sometime in the coming year I can show you what I’ve been so secretive about. That will be loads of fun! Have a good day you guys and if you are also ill, get better soon!